#AdultingAdventures: Training Day 1

So today is a very fitting day to be posting about Adulting Adventures because today was my very first day of training for my very first full time job, with benefits, time off, the whole shebang!! Here are some of today’s highlights:

I got dressed in a very cute first day of school outfit and headed out the door to begin my commute: a bus ride, very quick train ride, followed by a very nice walk (I’ll probably skip the train in favor of a second bus that brings me fairly close to school once winter hits).


I arrived on time and found that there are going to be 11 of us tutors, 9 women, 2 men (!!!!), we played some ice breakers, good things: people like animals, Harry Potter, and teaching a lot here.

I took a lot of notes and am learning a lot, honestly my brain felt very overloaded with information by the time we had a break for lunch.

I have my own cubby and locker to keep my stuff stashed ┬áin which is great to store my stuff, but I’m going to have to reign myself in so that those don’t become a microcosm homes for me, cause that’s going to be a whole lot of STUFF in very small spaces.

THEY DO A SECRET STAFF MEMBER!!! So at the Girl Scout camp I worked at, we did a secret buddy. You have a person who you secretly give gifts too (someone is also secretly giving you gifts too), until at the end of camp we throw a big party and the buddies reveal themselves. It’s super fun and a nice way to spread joy in the staff, here people can choose not to opt in, but you know I’m so in there.

I already feel like I’m stepping into a really positive non-competitive environment which feels really good and communication is high priority there; which is also my highest priority in a work environment (and really any relationship).

On a rough note I got blisters on my pinkie toes because I hadn’t broken in my new flats at all. They were rough on my feet, but having a cubbie and locker, I think I’m going to wear walking shoes from now on, then change into my work shoes. Lesson learned.

I’m just excited to learn more and get to know people better, first day was okay with good amounts of awkwardness thrown in, but everyone is super nice and considerate. I might actually make some new friends this year (I know it’s not normally something I choose). Who knows.

Anyway I’ll be sharing more of my adventures and insights over the next 2.5 weeks of training, and don’t worry it won’t be only about the job from now on, summer isn’t over yet. And just because I’m getting to be more of an adult doesn’t mean the fun’s going to stop.

Peace, love, glitter,

Juanita C.



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Big News!

Hello lovely blogging community!

Well, it has been so much fun blogging lately. Really and truly. It’s been such an encouragement to see the likes and followers grow and even to have people commenting on my posts lately (thank you so much!! I appreciate all of it). While other writing isn’t going as strong as I’d like (fiction is nonexistent, poetry is slow and painful), I wanted to share a new opportunity I have.

With that I am also sharing more of who I am with all of you. Well, my last name anyway, so I’m trusting you all with this information. I think it’s a big step, but a step in the right direction. I feel like this year I’m really stepping into professional life. I’m starting a new job at a charter school, my very first full time job. I’m growing and focusing my blog into something really beautiful (at least I think so). And now for my news:

I’ve started writing for Odyssey! I launched with a community this Tuesday, you can read my first article here. Faithful readers will notice that it’s an edited version of my post about camping, but from here on after each site will have their own unique content. I can’t wait to explore more ideas and see what comes of this new opportunity.

I’m so excited for how I’m going to grow as a writer over this year, how I’m going to grow as a professional, as a person.

Thanks for reading!

Peace, love, and glitter, always the glitter,

Juanita Cox