So It’s November 5th

So to begin, I will talk about the obvious I petered off on my October 31 day writing challenge, the last 4 days just didn’t even happen, honestly I barely attempted them and then it was November and I was done. So who knows what brilliance I might have written about those last 4 words than again perhaps it is all for the best.

To be fair though in the last days of the month my mind was on other things. You see my best friend in the whole world is sitting right next to me. We are on a bed (her doing homework, me filling the world with glitter), if I reach out my hand I can touch her. Now this might sound a little weird, but you see for the past 9 months the best friend has been living in Australia. But now, she’s in America and sweetest of all she’s spending her first fortnight in my house.

I’m reminded about how life can be so surreal, one day your best friend is 10,000 miles away in another country that you have never seen with your eyes. The next day she’s in your house. My mind is being blown in the best way.

So she’s readjusting to being back in America, and we’re both readjusting to being friends in real life. And while I know not everything is sunny and perfect it fills my mind with peace knowing she’s going to be in the same time zone as me for the next year.

November is going to be an interesting time. The best friend is here for 2 weeks, we spend a week with the in-laws. Which is so weird to say and think, because this is the first time we’ll be seeing them since we got married! Followed by Thanksgiving (yeah we’re visiting family after the holiday (because really as a security supervisor, the only time you don’t work is when it’s outside your 40 hours or you ask not to work)), where I’m essentially going to host dinner, with ample help from my mom I’m sure. And then 4 more days of the month and we’re into December.

While I won’t be blogging as much as I did last month, I do intend to post much about the joys and festivities of Thanksgiving, baby marriage joys and dramas, friendships, and whatever adventures the best friend and I get up to. Although we seem to be just fine with talking for hours, drinking MILO, and having homework parties. Oh yeah and shopping at Target! It’s just thrills galore, but really this is what I missed the most. We’ve had a lot of awesome adventures and trips, but what I think anyone tends to miss and desire in a best friend is someone who is there in all the nitty gritty moments. Who is happy to just sit with you, who will go with you to get tea and coffee, trips to Target, who you can call up and say “I had the worst day”. That’s what I missed and I’m so glad to have her back.

Remember glitter gang to value your relationships: God, family, significant others, and your friends. Because at the end of the day that’s all we really have: the people we love.

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