#AdultingAdventures: Harry Potter (The Story that Will Never Die)

After All This Time? Always.

There’s a lot I could write about and perhaps some things I should write about, but today I want to talk about: The Boy Who Lived. That’s right folks Harry Potter, a story that has only grown dearer to my heart as I’ve become an adult.

The last time I wrote about Harry Potter was over 2 years ago, one post was about me dressing up as Voldemort for Harry Potter dinner and the other was a metaphor about seeking and seizing the snitch (or the good stuff of life). Today though, I’m writing about the latest book!!


Me reading the latest Potter story

How I Began Reading Harry Potter

I have an interesting journey with Harry Potter, it was getting really big when I was a mere 8 years old, the first book came out when I was 5, I didn’t start reading the series until the third book was out. By that point much fear was spreading through the conservative Christian community, these very popular books were about witchcraft and all manner of corrupt things. So my mom who is not much of a reader asked my dad to read them and tell her what he thought. He loved them and promptly told me and my siblings to read them. Ah the irony.

From then on I was hooked. I’m nowhere near being the biggest Harry Potter fan, but I love it, it’s the story of my generation. It’s a story that will always be close to my heart and I look forward to when I can share the story with my own kids.

The Story of My Youth

I think Harry Potter resonates so much because all of us have felt like we didn’t belong at some point, and even more so all of us have had moments when we thought maybe this is why I’m so strange, so weird, so me, for this time for this purpose. And at its core it’s a beautiful story of the power of friendship, love, and community, things that are also integral to Christianity. Not to say that Harry Potter is “Christian”, but it does have strong values and lessons and good things to ponder on despite what some think.

So about the latest book here are some of my thoughts (No spoilers, I promise):

  • I actully really love that it’s in a script format, initially it’s a little weird, but once I got into it, it was a much faster easier read than her previous stories. With minimal description I’m diving hardcore into the story scene by scene. I think for those who love novels, it will feel like you lost something, but bare with it, scripts have unique strengths novels don’t and I think this story takes advantage of that.
  • And as someone who loves plays and dialogue I’m hungry to see this play sometime in my future, come on tour in America, we love Harry Potter just as much as our British comrades!!
  • I love gaining insight into who Ron, Hermione, and Harry have become, and it’s super awesome following a new adventure through their kids eyes!
  • As always the story pulls you through all the feels. There’s sadness and hilarious moments. Kissing and one liners, what-in-the-world-moments, and as always those moments you think everything is going to fail, but then doesn’t (or does it?).
  • I loved that the story continued right after the epilogue of the last book–we didn’t miss a bit, J. K. Rowling compassionate woman, dives right back where we were in the world we love.

Conclusion: Read the book, I loved it. I’m thinking of writing a through review next month with all the spoilers, but for now I might be crying a little on the inside knowing that really and truly the story of my generation is over, thank you J. K. Rowling, you ended it well, just like last time.


Update: After this interesting and job-free summer, I’ll be starting my new job at the Boston charter school on Wednesday! Tune in next week for the next installment of #AdultingAdventures where I’ll share all about my first day of training. Look forward to angst, insight, and cute first day outfit photos. 



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