Big News!

Hello lovely blogging community!

Well, it has been so much fun blogging lately. Really and truly. It’s been such an encouragement to see the likes and followers grow and even to have people commenting on my posts lately (thank you so much!! I appreciate all of it). While other writing isn’t going as strong as I’d like (fiction is nonexistent, poetry is slow and painful), I wanted to share a new opportunity I have.

With that I am also sharing more of who I am with all of you. Well, my last name anyway, so I’m trusting you all with this information. I think it’s a big step, but a step in the right direction. I feel like this year I’m really stepping into professional life. I’m starting a new job at a charter school, my very first full time job. I’m growing and focusing my blog into something really beautiful (at least I think so). And now for my news:

I’ve started writing for Odyssey! I launched with a community this Tuesday, you can read my first article here. Faithful readers will notice that it’s an edited version of my post about camping, but from here on after each site will have their own unique content. I can’t wait to explore more ideas and see what comes of this new opportunity.

I’m so excited for how I’m going to grow as a writer over this year, how I’m going to grow as a professional, as a person.

Thanks for reading!

Peace, love, and glitter, always the glitter,

Juanita Cox


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