This is Post Graduate Glitter, a place for writers, smarties, and strugglers of all ages. I tend to focus on my own voice and the joys and challenges of my current life stage, but like to think this is a space people of all kinds and experiences can gather and connect about the stuff of life.

I started this blog within a day of graduatingĀ  back in 2014, to be a place especially for those who just graduated college and have no clue what that means for the rest of their lives. Life is not a linear journey and I hope sharing my experiences helps some people to avoid a few bumps and at least know they are not alone in this wild journey. Also I really like glitter.

I typically talk about my adventures, books, faith, feminism, Millennials, adulting, and all things writing. This is also the place to check out if you’re interested in the writing I do both for this blog and beyond it. Check out the different parts and thank you for coming to my blog!

Glitter on!