85 Reasons I’m Still Blogging (Cause I’m Not Letting Work Takeover My Life)

Full time work isn’t a joke.


It’s been a big transition going from carefree unstructured living to leaving my house before 7 am. Now the challenge is to do things outside of work, because I feel that urge to just lie back and do nothing when I get home. Or what’s worse, what I do serves only to feed the cycle of work.

I work, come home, I eat, buy food, pack my lunch, choose my outfits, check my emails, check my calendar, go to sleep just to do it all over again. As I figure out how to work and still live my awesome life I know that prioritizing everything outside of work is going to feel like well, work. This summer I felt like I had all the time in the world, now I’m feeling like damn I could use an extra two hours in the day.

And writing ugh. It’s been a challenge to keep up with it.


Why is it what I value most is the first thing I start to let go? As you see I may not be sticking to my regular schedule (i.e. #AdultingAdventures, just didn’t happen this Wednesday, but don’t you worry I will be posting that again), I’m still writing though.

I submitted another post to Odyssey, and I really wanted to post something this week, even if it was short, because I have 85 reasons and counting that inspire me to write.

That is all of you, my 85 followers. Now I know that’s not a huge number, especially in the blogging world. To me though it’s huge. Eighty five people have decided my blog is worth keeping up with. Every time I get a new follower it inspires me to keep writing, because the words alone fill my soul, truly. Knowing that those words may be impacting other souls though keeps me motivated, I sincerely believe it’s part of why I was born. I was born to write and communicate to others with my words.

I’m grateful to all the bloggers who follow me and I have the honor to follow, you add much beauty, variety and shine to the world, I’m so glad to share in your glitter.

So I keep writing. For you. For myself. For anyone who wonders if they matter, because you do. God sees you. I see you. Our words matter. We all in this collective community write, because we know that every so often we write something of significance. Thank you 85 people who follow me and inspire me to truly be the writer I was meant to be.

Shine on,



2 thoughts on “85 Reasons I’m Still Blogging (Cause I’m Not Letting Work Takeover My Life)

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  2. Same! I do the same thing every day – work, eat, sleep. Once I figured out that I could churn out or at least draft a post often, I started doing it daily and it has become an integral part of my routine since.

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