More of My Writing

This blog is not the only place you can read my work: I’m published on other sites and hope to include many more publications in the future! For now here is my most up to date work.

Better Than Starbucks: my first poem was published here, I’m very excited to start diving into the world of publishing, the poem is called “Thighs”

The Odyssey: I was one of their weekly contributors, I wrote from a Christian perspective focusing especially on handling anxiety, growing up, marriage/relationships, and authentically sharing my journey. If you click you can read my archives.

A Practical Wedding: I wrote an essay for them, Our Pennsylvania Wedding Was a Family-Created Affair (and Under 3k) that reflected on my wedding day, how we planned it, and the advice I would give to other future wedding planners.

Creating Day:

I also am very interested in doing book reviews and helping to promote writers, it helps me to get an understanding for when I hopefully publish in the future. Some books I’ve helped to promote:

Party of One by Joy Beth Smith

Shalom Sistas by Osheta Moore

Distant Lights by Marie O Toole

Totally interested in helping to promote your book whatever it may be about.

More Glitter to come…