We got Married!

I am waiting up for my husband to come home.

Typing those words feels like a dream within a dream. I’m married. I have a husband. It’s still sinking in.

I don’t really have a lot of insight to add. Everything is the same and yet wildly different. We still don’t communicate perfectly, but he’ll come home to me every night. I’m still mildly messy when it comes to my room, but now I have someone to share my room and bed with.

It was so weird the wedding day. I arrived on time things were going fine, his sister (our wedding day manager) was reassuring me that we would start photos soon (we opted to do a first look and formal photos before the wedding to optimize reception time), then I was waiting. And waiting. And waiting. While also being told tidbits. “They’re trying to find all the groomsmen, they’re wandering.” “The food still hasn’t come yet.” “I don’t know, we’re still waiting.” “He doesn’t know what a first look is.” Finally 30 mins off schedule we start the first look photos.

Somehow despite a delay, some of my extended family being late, people not just getting into the darn photos, and almost losing my cool, we finish everything and I hide out in my back room and breathe in the 12 spare minutes we have left.

My nerves heighten, I walk down the aisle, but everything washes away in the joy of my almost husband’s smile.

The ceremony is beautiful, I don’t cry as much as I thought, but I can’t stop the tears when he begins to say those timeless vows

“to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish you always. According to God’s Holy Word I pledge you my faith and loyalty.”

And I do my best to say my own without too many tears or sniffles.

It was transcendent and yet when I walked off that stage I was still me, and 6 days in I know without a doubt we made the perfect decision, all the planning and work we put into our day was completely worth it. It was simple, it was meaningful, it was community focused, it was relaxed. I talked with so many people, laughed, took hundreds of pictures, and gave oodles of hugs.

I think what I know, what I learned through the whole process more than anything is that sometime we make decisions that look young or foolish or strange, but when you know that it’s true that you wouldn’t want to live life without that decision then you should go for it with everything you have.

Me, striking a "victory" pose after our Honeymoon kayaking trip down the Delaware River.  Six gorgeous miles!

Me, striking a “victory” pose after our Honeymoon kayaking trip down the Delaware River. Six gorgeous miles!

Go for the degree, the job, the adventure, the trip, the school, the boy, the girl, the marriage. I’m so glad everything came together. I’m so glad we got married. I’m so glad to be married, I’m looking forward now to all the adventures ahead that I can focus on with a husband by my side and no more wedding planning! Praise be to God!