#AdultingAdventures: Time

After one solid week of training I’m realizing something that I’d forgotten a bit over the summer.

Time is precious.

As I mentioned to TAH today: 10:00 PM comes a whole lot sooner when you’re working full time. As I write this up it’s 8:30 PM and I’m hoping to be done by 9, so I can shower and sleep and be ready for tomorrow.

I’m trying to set myself up for success cause once school starts, the days are going to be a little longer and a little more stressful. I still have plenty of energy (I haven’t actually reached a point where I’m tired at 10 despite having to be up by 6), but maximizing my time at home can be a bit of a struggle.

It feels so strict to set up routines for when I get home to get everything done, but I want to keep writing for the Odyssey and writing for my blog and still spend time with my husband and friends, plus I have to make sure I’m making my lunch, going to sleep, and generally taking care of myself so I show up to work ready to go. So routines it is, and one of these days I’ll get to that pile of crap on my nightstand.

I also think I’m already starting to use my time better. I really wanted to get out a blog post tonight so once husband was down for the night I chose this over Netflix or just lazing about. I’m prioritizing what’s important to me. Mostly. It’s all about balance, right?

Still everyday is so jam packed and spending time with my husband is so important, so it’s easy to let things go or waste the time I have once I get home.

I just hope that I can be productive in my life outside of work and keep moving towards my goals and prioritize what matters to me, while also resting and relaxing. Feels a little impossible already.

Still I wouldn’t give it up, the time I’m putting into training feels like I’m investing in myself. I feel like I’ll be doing good work over this year as a tutor. I feel like I’m valued at the school. I feel like I’m working hard and enjoying it. So I’ll try to remember that I control how I use my time and that part of being an adult is not letting it all slip away. And not to kick myself for just hanging out with people I love. And writing, because it really matters even if I’m the only one reading it. Well it’s almost nine now.

Until next time 😉




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