Ferguson: Food for Thought

It’s been a week of change and chaos here in America.

The case involving Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson, was not indicted.

And social media (if my Facebook is any indication) was impassioned by this news, and protests and walks of solidarity were held all over the country when the news came out.

The reactions give me pause, violent protests that involve, fighting, rioting, and fires. Flamed Facebook interactions when some people have voiced agreement with the jury. While I don’t wish to say much on the issue, I’ll leave that to other people, I care. Yet, we must not resort to chaos and brutality. We cannot fall to name calling and dehumanizing of the jury and those who stand behind them. Violence and rioting won’t result in any good in a situation like this.

You cannot drive out hate with more hate. The only thing that can overcome is love and peace. Not in a cheesy way, mind you. In a God way, because perfect love, is an unstoppable force for change, I have seen this as true in a variety of issues in my life and others.

And for those like me who are moving out of the learning and training period of their life and into the shaping and working period, I wonder what kind of world we are creating, I wonder if we are truly using this as a chance to shape the dialogue around these issues and create a better world for all people or simply using it as a place to voice our hatred and anger that makes us feel better, but can only create more chaos.

“God pays attention to our love. Not one of us is indispensable.

God has the means to do all things and to do away with the work of the most capable human being. We can work until we drop. We can work excessively. I what we do is not connected to love, however, our work is useless in God’s eyes.”-Mother Teresa

My heart goes out to my country and the people of Ferguson, God bless.


I am in that weird and wonderful place where I have a lot of free time on my hands. I want to be doing more (how much I would love to have a full time job), but for now I have a tiny job (it’s barely part time) and a lot of spare time.

I’m going to do the practical things I should do with that time: apply to jobs, get my drivers permit, go to the doctors (regular check up), spend time with friends and family, and work on my writing. Still there’s lots of time.

So I’m looking for something to fill me with passion. I’m going to get more involved helping out my church. I want to find a way to volunteer my time perhaps helping others with writing, reading, or just giving of my time and labor. 

Until I have a full time job my time is open, I have lots of energy (which means I walk a lot and am frequently restless), and I feel that God really wants me to use this time wisely. Which is better than what I tend to want to do with my free time: worry, watch Netflix, and sleep. 

So less time on facebook (because I am way too jealous and confused to look at other’s lives rationally), more time doing, and finding something I can do for a couple hours a week that is completely giving to someone/something else. I’m sure someone could use a college graduate with spare time on her hands. Now I just have to find it. 

What are you doing? Either those who have recently graduated or those who find time to give to others in the midst of life’s busyness, how are you giving back? What gives your life richness? How do you get outside of yourself? 

There is so much richness in all of life as Christians, even just having breakfast with family somehow comes holy, but I want to do something a little more. I’m ready for the next adventure.

Let’s all find our unique way to glitter.