What I’m Into–May 2017

March and April were kind of crazy months for me. Nothing was really busier. It was just the usual chaos and it seemed that as I found more personal stability some of the creativity was drying up. There was lots of socializing too. Plus in these past three months, I’ve only written 2 blog posts. That’s kind of nuts. Over this week though I received (and that really feels like the right word) inspiration and I have a handful of blog posts up my sleeve. Before getting into all of that I thought I would ease into blogging again by doing a more light hearted post and catching you up on my life.

So first this blog. I still want to blog and keep doing this, though I’m in the process of reimagining this blog. I want it to be a bit more geared towards holy living, everyday adventures, and figuring life, love, and careers in your early twenties. I’m even considering re-naming my blog. Mainly because now being three years out of college, being a college graduate no longer feels like a major part of my identity. It’s still crazy important to me, and there are some days I feel such an intense desire to relive parts of college (hey I’m young and ridiculously sentimental). But life goes on.

So if anyone has suggestions for new titles, I’m all ears, I would like to keep the glitter aspect in there if possible though. I love me some glitter. Okay let’s do this here’s what I’m into!



Redefining Realness by Janet Mock: I’ve only just begun it, but so far I’m hooked. I’m in a book group where the only rule is that the books have to be written by people of color. I have not actually read this book before, but pitched it because I love reading memoirs/autobiographies and I think personally it’s important to read stories and engage with people who are different from you. And Janet sounds fascinating as anything, she grew up in Hawaii, is multi racial and has become a prominent writer and activist.


So usually my what I’m reading would be a mile long and what I’m watching would be short, but I’m binging and doing lots of mindless things when I get home so here goes:


Dear White People: I finished the first season (I say first because I want a second) and normally this wouldn’t be my show. It’s M rated and in your face sex happens every single episode, and the f word or n word is dropped every few minutes (though working at the charter school cursing just doesn’t grate my nerves as much as it used to do). But it’s breathtakingly real and that’s what has hooked me in episode after episode. I love that each episode we see from a different characters point of view. I can identify so strongly at times with different characters understanding of what it means to be black, how white people fit into things, how they don’t, constantly having to be on guard cause so much is about race and race politics, but also just wanting to freaking live. Anyway I’m going to stop there because I actually want to write a whole post about the show. Next!

Gilmore Girls: Pretty much the antithesis of the above show, I think in part that’s why I love it. Sure there is drama and Lorelai and Rory can make such problems out of seemingly nothing at time, but it’s so wholesome and happy. People are always falling in love and getting into adventures. Plus since I know that Lorelai and Luke get together, it adds personal drama for me, like my gosh, when will they get into their thick heads.

And always reruns of The Office, I don’t think I’ll ever get over that show. I loved it so much and I can watch the same episodes and still laugh and cry as much as I did the first time. And I swear it was still amazing after Michael Scott, no matter what the haters say.


Pandora every day all the time. Music has been such a comfort when things are rough. Mostly I listen to praise and worship music, Anthem Lights, and anything Bruno Mars. Oh and the soundtrack of Moana forever. I think it’s honestly now bumped into my top 5 Disney movies, they’re getting better with age.



    • It’s been a slow ease back into it, but I’m looking for what’s next. I’m applying to what tickles my fancy. Which is a whole lot apparently. I’m looking at writing jobs; admin jobs; jobs that have me in schools, but not teaching; jobs that pay me better; youth oriented jobs. Whatever really, and I already have some possibilities. I’m doing a phone interview this upcoming Monday, which is crazy and awesome. Mostly though it feels good, even if I don’t get this job it’s boosted my confidence–I’m worth hiring despite the narratives I’ve been telling myself.
    • I’m not about to dive in and tell you that I’ve been running and doing all this health stuff. It’s been small things, trying to take more walks, not getting seconds just cause the food is delicious, not eating too much candy and soda (I’m not always clear with myself what too much is unfortunately). And yesterday I tried a bootcamp workout (it was free), it was hard, we did various intervals of exercise including running for 2 mins straight. It reminded me that I have very little self motivation, but I love working out. I just need someone to encourage and take my money, honestly. I’m working on it though, promise.
    • I know it’s totally normal, but I’m crazy in love with my husband. Not to brag, but in all honesty and I keep reflecting about how awesome things are right now. We’re just clicking in a way I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. We’ve had ups and downs and we can ALWAYS work on our communication, but lately it just feels like things are flowing so well between us. There’s a lot of affection, unity, and joy in the relationship. And I’m just riding it not letting my usual fear and insecurity invade.
    • Husband and I took the plunge after I went to the GO Conference and it’s just been so enjoyable. I love that we’re able to partner with a family and help them keep their kid, stay in their country, and enjoy their lives. I just send some money and letters and prayers. Speaking of which she lives in Haiti and her name is Frandelecie, if you think of her please pray for her. Oh, I love the letters aspect, which reminds me we owe her another one soon.
    • Thought I should fit a funny one in too, we have secret staff member at my school (anonymously we give each others small surprises until we reveal who we are for the final gift), and it’s been going well. And my last gift was a bag of these. Never heard of them before, but trust me it’s the ideal way to eat Airheads. Cannot get enough of them.

So that’s me for now, I’ve missed you dear friends of the blogging world, I intend to dive more fully into this blog over the next weeks, months, etc. Please comment and let me know what you’re into.

All the glitter,



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