What A Year, Looking Ahead

It’s been over a month since I last posted, November 2oth to be exact. It’s been a busy month since then. In that time Thanksgiving happened, I kept busy with school, I hosted a game night, participated in a cookie swap, wrote a few articles for The Odyssey, did lots of Christmas prep, spent time with friends, listened to friends sorrows and joys, ate a lot of food, started Christmas break, and yesterday celebrated Christmas. Not to mention all the good and heartbreaking stuff the rest of the world went through.

Now with the New Year less than a week away I want to reflect on the past and think about some goals and dreams for the future for Post Graduate Glitter.

This past year:

I published 53 (with this one 54) posts.

I had 772 visitors with 1,240 views.

Besides my About page, my top three posts in terms of views were:  1.#AdultingAdventures: I Will Not Shut Up About Adulting (A Response) This was a response to a Cosmo article in which the author had some choice words about those of us who use and appreciate the new term “adulting”

2. Who I Want to Be A tribute to my grandmother. I really do hope that when my life is over with I will have made an impact on others in much the ways she has impacted me.

3. Married Life Some lessons I had learned 6 months into marriage. And in just over a year, I’ve already learned more, marriage is so worth it, but it’s also single-handedly the happiest and hardest thing I’ve ever stepped into.

Some other things that happened:

At the beginning of the year I was still working for Miss J’s family, they were paying me well, but I was working less then 20 hours a week for them and actively looking for other work. In March I was offered the chance to work for City Year or the charter school. I chose the charter school. Two months later just a few days after my birthday I helped move Joyce into a nursing home and said goodbye to an amazing family that I am still grateful to God for joining us together for a time. Then I spent two months unemployed (really an extended vacation) helping TAH while her niece was visiting us, supporting my husband as he started his new job with the TSA, and generally enjoying life. Now I’m on Christmas break after a a crazy two quarters where at times I was so strung out with anxiety I quite literally couldn’t see my friends and family around me or the disaster that was my room I was so caught up in myself.

Now I have hopes that I’ll be able to find calmer firmer ground finishing up my year at the charter school. I am pretty convinced of two things though, 1) I don’t ever want to be in an academic setting again without more training and personal resources (aka masters degree) and 2) I really would love to continue working with teenagers and children. Also I really am looking forward to us having our own kids a few years down the line.

Oh yeah and I got my wedding published on A Practical Wedding you can check out my writing and our gorgeous photos on their site here. It was fun to relive it and share with friends and family (and also the internet).

I wrote some pieces for the Odyssey that I’m really proud of and were really well received. For the Odyssey my top three in terms of views were:

  1. Why Growing Up in Malden, MA was the best
  2. Embracing my Hairy Legs
  3. My Awkward “Fairy Tale” Love

Looking ahead: It’s been small steps, but I’m grateful for the new writing opportunities I was able to have including and beyond this blog. I can’t tell you much right now, but I have plans in the works to publish my writing on other platforms. None of it has any promise of being paid–for now, but I’m doing work I love and paying my dues. I have faith one day others will be seeking me out for my writing. Until then I’m going to do my best to write things that carry weight where everyone and their mother are “published” in some form or another.

I’ll be job searching soon enough and I’m so not looking forward to that, but that struggle bus of applying for close to a year and half taught me a lot about the process and while I don’t entirely know what I want to do next, I have no doubts I’ll be capable of finding something.

Here are some of my goals for this blog in 2017:

  • I want to consistently post once a week for this and the Odyssey so that’s two unique pieces of writing per week.
  • I want to write 5 days a week even if much of that isn’t publishable material having a consistent daily habit will keep my creative juices flowing
  • I want to continue to write especially about marriage and adulting, they are topics I’m most interested in and also because they tend to get the most views
  • I want to write for other bloggers and platforms and really prioritize my writing life and actively value the part of my identity that is a writer.
  • I want to about once a month interview or have a guest blogger. Not entirely sure the focus, I’m thinking #AdultingAdventures maybe tied to a theme. We all have unique stories and I want to start being a place for many voices to be heard.
  • I want to include more photos and maybe even videos (no promises on that last one).

Thanks for journeying with me my friends, followers, and visitors, I hope you all are having a lovely holiday season and I look forward to more blogging connections into the new year!!!!!

Glitter for days,



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