The Purge, This Election, and Giant Thoughts on Love

I have giant feelings lately. It’s everything really from just the issues of being me, working full time at this school, all the way up to the upcoming election and the general brokenness of this world.

I’ll start with the election because some thoughts have been brewing. Last night my husband and TAH watched the Purge: Election Year.


The basis of all the Purge movies is that annually all crime is legal for a period of 12 hours. In the latest movie one of the candidates for presidency that year is a target of the Purge because she wants to eliminate it. Thrilling. Anyone who knows me knows this is not a movie I would appreciate or watch. But some people have made comments across the internet that those movies are what it will be like with Trump as president.

That talk needs to stop.

I think what bothers me more than anything is that we are giving so much credit to the presidency and him. Trump may not have a political career, but he is your stereotypical negative politician, lots of talk not a lot of follow through. America is not going to suddenly become a dictatorship, he still has to work with people.

Taking a simple thing like how within the first hour he’s going to crack down on illegal immigrants and increase deportation, repeatedly saying he’s going to do better than Obama in this area. Good luck, President Obama has already deported 2.4 million during his administration, outshining what former President Bush did in 8 years, in only 6 years.  It’s a trope he and other conservatives push hoping we’ll buy into without researching for ourselves. Don’t even get me started on this supposedly 80 foot tall wall that he wants to build across the USA-Mexican border.

On a practical level you have a government (potentially the USA) demanding another country (Mexico) pay for this huge infrastructure project. Mexico has repeatedly refused to pay, how Trump will convince millions of people to work without pay for a long time is beyond my imagination. Not to mention ethically the majority of engineers would never support a project like this.

When it comes down to it on a personal level I have too much faith in the goodness of God and the goodness of His people to think that the world will fall into corruption because of this one man. The reality is that daily we add to the evil in this world just by our shopping purchases, let alone the intentional sin we do against each other. Many Christians thought the apocalypse was coming when Obama became president. Broken as ever, America still stands.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating for Trump and I will say this about Clinton: She like most politicians has had an up and down career. I think she has strong values and really cares about people and has actively worked for causes she’s cared about for decades. She’s not perfect though she has her own opinions and biases, she’s made mistakes, she does not have every American’s best interest at heart (but who among us can say we earnestly do?). Honestly I think our standards for her are too high and for Trump too low. Like most people I wish we had more options, but I think the demonizing of either candidate needs to stop.

The thing is this world is broken: there are shootings and corruption and violence everyday across the world, too much brokenness to name it all.

Yet we forget how much good is happening everyday too.

Shane Claiborne and other Christians are working to abolish the death penalty

Compassion International partners with people to sponsor kids so that they can continue to live with their families and get an education in their home country

By partnering with Food for the Hungry, you can serve the poor in two key ways; to provide food, shelter and clothing to survivors of natural disasters, and to ensure long-term economic development within impoverished communities.

And my own church Rescued, daily acts as beacon of hope and representation of Christ. From how we choose to live community, keep each other accountable, preach the truth and partner with organizations like the Boston Project Ministries to invest in communities. We aren’t here to convert you, but to love and journey with you.


To me that is Gigantic. I know firsthand the good isn’t what first hits the news. Especially because the good is often so un-glamorous. There’s nothing pretty about investing in teenagers day after day. There’s nothing fun about keeping teens accountable when they cross lines. Twice this week I spent time after school tutoring a student who got suspended, because at my school we don’t want anyone to fall through the cracks, even (and perhaps especially) the ones who push us away.

It’s easy to see the impact of violence and evil. It’s easy to see the brokenness, the big talk, the anger. It’s harder to know if that extra conversation and a smile did anything. It’s hard to know if you speaking to the goodness of Jesus is helping them to really see Jesus. It’s hard to know if spending time feeding others is worth all the effort. It’s hard to know that when we love others, will they love us in return.


But I’m in this for the long haul, and I know I only do it by the grace and strength of Jesus, because being cynical is easy. Deciding my actions don’t matter is easier. Deciding to just walk by that student is so much easier than stopping to talk and connect with them. Committing your life to Jesus is never the easy way. It’s thousands of small actions of faith to create a faith that moves mountains and casts out fear. A faith that says that love is the cure to all our wounds, a faith that understands a single action done with love can change the course of the world.


via Daily Prompt: Giant


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