Distant Lights Is Published!

I know it’s been a while since I last posted, and I fully intend to get back into a good rhythm with this blog. A brief update: I’m as tired as ever, emotions are stabilizing, every day my teenagers do something that baffles the crap out of me, always I find something that gives me joy, and my husband was gone for a week–which was both good and lonely.

Now what I want to talk to you today is about Marie Gregg, the author of Distant Lights which launched into the world on Tuesday. Now what I want to do with this time is encourage you to support this writer. I’ll begin and say don’t read Marie Gregg if you’re looking for the next poet laureate, it’s clear at times this is her first foray into poetry. If what you’re looking though for is raw imagery, powerful emotion, and connection then read this collection of poetry.

As I read them I was reminded frequently of the Psalms, not only because they often were inspired by Psalms, but because they had the passion of raw emotion expressed before God. It’s poems like “Whisper”

I would like to praise You

But my voice is silenced

My heart floats in tears

Please accept my whispered, I love You

It’s short, yet so profound. And that is really what this whole collection captures, the journey of being a Christian, a lover of God. It’s a journey full of highs and lows and we diminish our truth when we only include our mountain heights overlooking the times we are in the valley of the shadow of death.

If there’s an emotion or situation that we humans, let alone Christians, Gregg, has written about it. I appreciate seeing glimpses of her humor, especially in this poem: “Provider”:

Jehovah-Jireh, the Provider

You take care of all my needs

Sustain me, fill me, conform me to You

Watch over my husband, my family

Keep all my friends safe

Bring peace to earth with mighty words

Feed the hungry

Comfort the lonely

And while you’re at it….

Could You score me those leopard print shoes?

For heartfelt poetry that will speak to your soul and voice all your most holy and most anxious thoughts towards God, read this book, you will not regret it. I’m still digesting some of the beautiful words she’s written, and I know if you pick up this book so will you. If you’re interested you can continue to follow Marie Gregg’s work on her Facebook and website.

Glitter on,



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