Finding the Good: In Myself, In Others

This week was exceptional! Why was it exceptional? I feel positive about the past week. Note I didn’t say the weekend (I’m always positive about the weekend), but the actual week. It was still hard and rough in some ways and it’s not like I suddenly made amazing leeway with my students and know I want to be a teacher. But I enjoyed most of my groups and I feel like I’m getting into a good rhythm and I had an awesome planning session yesterday.

Also something helped to put things into perspective. In our mid-week staff meeting we did the following activity: each person put a sheet of colored paper on their back and then we went around the room and wrote onto one another’s backs and shared something positive. It was good for me for two reasons 1) it really helps you to get out of your own problems when you focus on others. It really encouraged to think about all the good I see in my fellow tutors. 2) Taking in what others saw in me, especially considering I’ve only known these people all of 7 weeks meant a lot. It also reminds me that when I’m focusing on my own darkness others can still see my light, I owe that all to Jesus.


And in other positive news I’m part of a book launch team and I’m super excited about this opportunity. The book is called Distant Lights by Marie Gregg. It’s a beautiful book of poetry. It’s not the most technically beautiful poetry. In some poems it’s clear that poetry is not exactly Gregg’s first language, but what is most important is that the spiritual depth is always present and the emotion is captured. The book will be launched officially on October 25th, and I haven’t quite finished reading it, but I wanted to share one of my favorite poems so far:


I am a reed

Floating aimlessly

In life’s current

My God calls me

To be like a redwood

Tall, proud and rooted

But how do I make

The leap from ease

To conscious steadfastness?

This isn’t a Glamour

Makeover—before and after

But a lifelong choice

I feel like that reed seeing the redwood that’s who I really am, what I am capable of becoming. It’s a lifelong journey, only possible as I follow God and seek his face. I’m awed at the goodness he has and continues to create in me. I’m awed at His goodness in other’s He’s opening my eyes too.

And I’m intending to take care of myself better and create more positivity in my life and others. Husband and I have started hosting monthly game nights to have a consistent time do something we love (host people and play games), but not too overwhelming. TAH and I have talked about creating healthier meals together and running together (I’ll keep you updated if I actually follow through on that one). All in all I think I’m starting to hit a point where school isn’t consuming all my emotional/mental energy and I might actually enjoy more than 10% of a given day. I am reminded that God is Good. And He has made me Good. He has made you Good. And I hope this joy in the things I’m doing and the work he’s put before me in this season continues to grow. And that at the very least I can focus on the joy I find in my students and coworkers.

Glitter on,



2 thoughts on “Finding the Good: In Myself, In Others

  1. I think when one has faith the way you do, it’s absolutely beautiful to see. I can’t bring myself to believe in a Greater Power the way you do’s just not part of my personality or make up or whatever you want to call it. I’ve tried..I grew up in the church (Lutheran, in fact) but I just..can’t. I have too many questions that the church (or at least the one I grew up in) didn’t answer, COULD NOT answer. And I have issues with the way modern Christianity is practiced and preached. I do like Jesus though..he was a groovy dude who totally had the right idea. And I do like Bible stories because I think there are a lot of good messages there–faith, honesty, friendship, loyalty. All values I want to try and instill in my son. But I just cannot believe in a Greater Power who would supposedly do the things that God is supposed to have done and continues apparently to do to this very day.

  2. I think the only way I was able to have a confident and even “beautiful” faith as you called it only happened when I was able to ask hard questions of myself, God, and the church. I’m curious as to some of your questions (though totally understand that this isn’t entirely the most comfortable space for it). And oh yes, humans are inherently hypocrites, but it is so dangerous when we deny our hypocrisy and say we are righteous. If you would like to talk further about some of these things I’d be happy to you can go to my contact page, if not that’s fine too. Thank you so much for reading and adding your voice to the conversation, I’m so glad when those outside of my faith feel comfortable opening conversation with me!

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