Friday Wrap Up

What a week, despite having a short week I am so thankful for Friday and the relief from work. I hope all of you had a great weekday. And I hope you do whatever you find relaxing/enjoyable this weekend. Now here’s my Friday wrap up:

Three days of tutoring + one department day (aka no tutoring day) = enough. How am I going to make it through a normal 5 day work week? I don’t know, but please keep me in your prayers cause my job really challenges me and I wonder if I’m up for it.

Hobbies I’ve developed:

  • Going to bed early or conversely going to bed way later than I should.
  • Talking about how challenging working full time is.
  • Texting friends about making plans (only occasionally following through)
  • Feeling overwhelmed by work email.
  • Giving all my energy to my job.
  • Saving articles on FB to “read later”
  • Not participating in my actual hobbies

Things I’m thankful for:

  • People who have let me know they are praying for me.
  • The encouragement of my friends and family (including my house family) and especially my husband, I need them right now.
  • Pizza, venting, and friends who just get you.
  • Mittens (my adorable 4 month kitten not those things you wear in the winter)
  • Sangria
  • Ripples (this cool thing they do at staff meeting on Friday where we acknowledge and thank others for the good they’ve done that week)
  • Quiet time with Jesus

By the numbers:

  • 10 tutoring sessions
  • 1 really rough tutoring session
  • 4 encouraging conversations
  • 20 texts about being on the bus or what we’re doing for dinner sent to the husband this week
  • 1 blog post written (2 if you count this one)
  • 1 work outfit selfie
  • 135 minutes (well roughly) spent on FB vegging out on my lunch break

How was your week? What was great? What just sucked? What “hobbies” are you developing? And of course happy weekend everyone!





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