#AdultingAdventures: I work Out (Just not at the gym so much)

Going to the Gym Hasn’t been a Thing

So going to the gym 3 times a week, or once a week or really even just once in past month just doesn’t happen anymore.

Yet, it’s not all bad news, summer has and always is my healthiest time of year and I think this one is no exception.

While I haven’t been to my gym since May or June, I have gone on many long walks, hikes, and especially in the last 3 weeks I’ve been in either a pool or ocean almost every day and it looks like I still have a few walks and swims in my future.


Still it’s been Awesome

The honest truth is that summer is the time of the year when I am most alive. And living in a four season climate makes summer even more meaningful, I have to push through three other seasons for 3 months of glory. I love the joy of being able to be outdoors almost everyday. I enjoy having picnics and having outdoor furniture so I can share meals on our back porch. I like that going for long walks with friends has become my main way of connecting and hanging out. I appreciate that splashing about and swimming and just being in water has become half my life this summer.


It’s not the intensity of the gym, but it feels if anything healthier and it’s decidedly much more enjoyable. I appreciate the gym for the harder colder months when just the thought of being outdoors makes me miserable. When I know I need to be active or I’ll be a miserable lump, but the summer is for being free, for having adventures and exploring new places. When I forgo the gym, but say yes to moving and walking and swimming.

Enjoying summer While it Lasts

I do hope we’ll get back into our gym habit soon–until then though I’ll be carousing around Water Country (not ideal to do regularly (unless you get a season pass I suppose), but highly recommend going, the rides are super fun, the pools and lazy river are awesome and adults and kids who enjoy water will love it), eating good grilled food outdoors, taking long walks, and enjoying life. The gym will be there for when I’m cold and miserable, but this seasons lasts only for a moment.



One thought on “#AdultingAdventures: I work Out (Just not at the gym so much)

  1. I need to get into the habit of walking somewhere after work. I just go home and stare at my wall half the time before bed. I’m in the process of learning how to bike, good luck on getting back to the gym.

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