#Adulting Adventures: Caring for yourself and others

I’ve been sick for the past couple of days. Nothing too crazy mainly a sore throat and aches. Also a mild fever, but I think I’m on the recovery end already which is great.

Something that inspired this post was a little white pill. You see, I’d been taking pain killers every few hours because of aches and headaches, especially right before bed, and I’d crawled into bed feeling a headache coming on, but I was exhausted and mentioned I was feeling a headache coming on to my husband. And he reached up to the shelf above our bed and handed me a pill, he’d pulled it out a few hours ago because he wanted to make sure I was comfortable before I went to bed. It might sound like such a tiny thing, but to me it meant so much, my husband was thinking of me and looking out for my needs. He was caring for me, plain and simple.

I know in general I’m not the best at caring for myself, especially caring for myself at the same level that I care for others, but being sick has reminded me how important that is.

This world is heavy with sorrow, not only in the events of this past week, but our own personal sorrows and the tragedies in our own communities, it is so important in those moments to care for ourselves and to care for others. I think both are key.

When I’m physically sick I need to care for myself, rest, drink lots of water, take my medicine, but I also need to let others care for me: like let my husband cook, not push myself to do all the things I normally do, take advice and painkillers offered.

When I’m emotionally sick and overwhelmed I have to do a lot of the same things, let go of my normal routines, rest, take my medicine (prayer, reading, conversations with loving people), and let others care for me.

Let yourself be cared for and care for others.


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