Currently Enjoying the Weekend!

Today is kicking off a bunch of fun days with various friends and family to celebrate the fourth and really celebrate life. I have plans for grilling, spending time with family, being with my husband, hitting the pool, eating copious amounts of fruit and burgers, a little drinking, and if nothing else fireworks on the TV (maybe some in person).

I reflect on this country’s history and all that’s happened. At the end of the day I am so glad to call this place home, especially living in Boston the backdrop to much of America’s history. Happy Birthday America–in honor of that I thought I’d drop a fun currently post. I hope all my American readers have a great weekend and the rest of you thanks for reading. I’ll have new stuff Wednesday if not sooner!

Here is what I’m currently…


Helping Children Succeed by Paul Tough, it’s the summer reading required for my new job to help me to be a better mentor to the kids coming in to the school. It’s free to read online because the author really wants everyone to be able to read and learn from the book. It goes over how to create environments both at home and school so kids can thrive. And for fun I’m reading Sophie Kinsella’s latest novel Shopaholic to the Rescue, not very far into it, but I love the character of Becky Brandon, she’s a smart airhead. Lot’s of fun.


This blog, it seems like for every post I write theres two posts that I don’t quite feel able to share (for many different reasons), and letters. I’m writing at least two people a week, but in terms of fiction. Nope, not at all 😦


My Ne-Yo station on Pandora, currently it’s playing Ride Wit Me, by Nelly. I listen to this station a lot. So it’s refined to the point it pretty much only plays music I like 🙂


About nothing in paticular, I do need to get dressed and hit the road soon, to meet up with my husband and friends for grill time. It’s going to be a chill and lovely Saturday!


The fresh air blowing in from the window. Ahh summer time!


That everyone would have a good weekend. I feel really grateful at this point in my life and I just want to spread that as much as I can.


To indulge in fun and food this weekend, that my husband will get the rest he needs and that summer will never end (though somehow it always does :()


My short shorts and a baggy tank top, rest assured I will not be wearing this once I get out of the house.


Something really sweet to drink and watermelon (both of which will be in my grasp soon!)


Nothing, life is good and I’m looking forward to lots of things and I have all the things I need.


Excited, happy, warm, content.


Facebook always Facebook. Damn.

What are you currently up to? Have any fun stuff going on for the weekend? Have fun! Be safe! God bless 🙂



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