#AdultingAdventures: Rocking It as a Wedding Guest

This week was marked by the first day of summer which brings lots of wonderful things, ice cream, pool openings, end of school, outdoor adventures, and of course wedding season. Over the weekend my older brother got married to his love of 7 years, I was delighted to see them unite in marriage (finally). And that got me thinking that I might be able to share a bit of wedding guest wisdom with all of you. Cause if you’re going to a wedding you might as well do it fabulously.



For all that is good and holy, please please RSVP. And no do not wait until the last minute to RSVP. You should figure out if you want to go, figure out if you have the means to go and then respond accordingly. To you it may feel like I can’t go so if I don’t say anything no big deal they’ll assume I’m not coming. Problem is we’re not assuming it’s a no because sometimes family members don’t RSVP (“because of course we’re coming, why would we RSVP?”). So please just let me know you’re coming…or not.

Don’t Bring Your Own Guests


Even with all the wonders of paperless invites and such the general rule is whoever is on the envelope aka whoever is listed as invited is allowed to come. Some people can afford it and are gracious enough to offer people a plus one. Cool, but if it doesn’t say *Mx. Awesome and Guest don’t bring a rando, and if they invited your significant other and they can’t make it don’t bring along your best friend. It’s their party they’re allowed to invite who they want there, and while I’m sure your bestie is awesome it’s not the time or place.

Read Any and All Information

This goes to the invitation, wedding website, emails, even down to the program they might have printed. Something I personally found annoying was people who asked for the address the day before the wedding. Or really any info I knew I had mailed out, emailed, or put out there. It will help you to have an excellent time and also not be rude. Sometimes couples don’t want photos put on social media, sometimes you get options of what food you eat, sometimes you’re given guidance on how to be respectful at your friends Hindu wedding, whatever it is read, read, read, it will always help you (plus someone put some emotion into crafting that dorky wedding website someone besides the bride should appreciate it).

Dress to Impress

So I told you to read just a moment ago, so first thing is if they give you a dress code particularly if it’s formal or black tie. Follow it! If there is no dress code that generally means semi-formal, nice slacks and a dress shirt, a nice dress (but it doesn’t have to be long or cocktail style), and just generally speaking it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. You can pull it off if you’re the only one who decided to come in a long silk dress, everyone will notice if you come in jeans and a t-shirt.

Participate Wholeheartedly

You might not love non stop dance parties, board games, religion, or any of the other things the bride and groom have made as part of their wedding celebration, but give it your best go. At least smile when the photographer comes around. But really it doesn’t hurt to shake it on the dance floor, stand when your asked in the ceremony, or any number of things. It’s one day and it’s going to make the bride and grooms day that much more special seeing you in your finery smiling fully present.



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