Change and Summers are Inevitable

So It’s Been Awhile…

As you may have noticed I haven’t posted in a while part of that is because I’m doing my final performance with my alum in the Women Bible Show I’ve been in previously. Up until this Friday night I will have been in rehearsals every night the past two weeks except the Sundays. It’s been an intense and fufilling two weeks. On top of that I celebrated my birthday and on Wednesday I had my last day with Miss J.

That last bit is what I really want to reflect on. I’m not sure if I’ve formally stated it on this blog, but I will be working full time as a tutor at a charter school in Boston come August and I am very excited! I worked hard as you know to get that position, simply persevering and sending out yet another application became an act of courage. I know what it’s like to be so discouraged you just want to give up, curl up in bed and watch Netflix till your numb. And I’m rooting for you those who are still in the trenches and feel like never working or only subsisting on part time work will be your life. There are no promises of what it will be, but there is always a next opportunity. I firmly believe that.

Just Like Any Other Day

So I showed up and I fed her, acted like it was a normal day, and just spent time with her while Miss J’s daughter and son packed up the last of her things. It was a little surreal watching them drive off knowing I wouldn’t be coming to see her at the house day after day. Though in the near future I’m going to visit Joyce with her children at some point this summer, so that feels good.

Mostly though the first two days I just felt out of sorts. I was a caregiver. I have other roles of course, and I’m me, Juanita the writer, dreamer, artist. Still though I haven’t had so much free time in a while, especially two months worth of it. I’ve been praying about what I can use this time for (I think it’s a clear sign that I should learn to drive this summer), relationships I should focus on, people I can support better, ways to invest more in my talents (like working on this blog more).

Bring on the Adventures

What I don’t want to happen is to look back at this summer as a time where I watched a lot of Netflix, slept a lot, and just generally got lazy. I hope I grow a lot. I hope some friendships blossom. I hope I connect more with God. I intend to spend lots of time outdoors and in good books. Next post I want to create an adventure list and share it with all of you. And I want to hear what are the adventures your hoping for this summer. Perhaps like me you have unexpected free time. Or perhaps you just want to make sure this summer is actually fun and not just like every other season of all work and no play.


What activities do you want to invest in this summer? 

Where do you want to go? Local or far off adventures?

How are you going to spend your time this summer?




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