#AdultingAdventures: Host a Party (But Low key)


I love hosting parties. But I also don’t. Parties always seem to come with expectations and supposed to’s. And don’t even get me started on weddings and how many times you will have to put your foot down because people will tell you you have to do this or it won’t be a real wedding (by the way it’s a real wedding if you two end up married by the end of it).

If you know me I don’t like expectations or following norms for the sake of following norms. I do what I want (within wisdom and reason). I dress how I please. I shave my legs when I want to. I don’t feel obligated to do more than finger comb my hair most days. I make up stupid songs and sing them gleefully and when I throw a party, it’s going to be relaxed to the max (unlike my hair 😉

Besides co-hosting our wedding, I’ve hosted game nights, family dinners, Thanksgiving, birthdays (mainly mine), and just friends coming by to stay for dinner or a night or two. So I thought I would show you my guidelines for throwing a kick-butt low key shin dig (glitter optional!

Invite people you love, but who will also work– What I mean by work is say you’re having a game night don’t invite your new amazing friend who hates board games, they might show up out of sheer love for you, but it’s not going to be as fun as you hoped for. Don’t invite your brazen over the top friend to your quiet night of books and wine. You have all your people, but unless it’s a large event it’s usually for the best to choose the people who will be amazing for that particular party. That said…

Don’t obsess too much over the guest list-Especially if it’s a low key thing. Invite the people try and get a rough estimate. Get enough food (or have a potluck) and then just trust that the right people will show up, because somehow they always do. And invite that person you’re still getting to know, they might surprise you!

Pick something easy and delicious and make double-I always love to make these:

I’ve also made buffalo/barbecue chicken fingers to good success (not sure what recipe I used though)

Paper Products-Make things easy on yourself, buy paper plates, napkins, recyclable cups, all that jazz, you will thank yourself that you spent less than $10 to not have to wash all the stuff a dozen people use up.

Let people help– Whether it’s having a friend come early, having people bring games or food, or helping to clean up (cause you may not have to wash the dishes, but somehow a dozen people leave your home a little worse for wear). You don’t have to and shouldn’t do it all on your own.

It’s as simple as that. And I’ll let you in on something, these were pretty much the principles we followed for our wedding (I swear the paper products we picked were classy though, okay maybe they weren’t but we did what we could and even now I wouldn’t change a thing). I hope you all go out and host fun low key grown up parties too! And if you’re like me it’s totally okay that you go a good 3 months (okay 5) between parties, do what you can and don’t forget the glitter (though that’s going to suck vacuuming all that up, FYI)!


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