#AdultingAdventures: I Workout!

So to begin this video pretty much sums up my philosophy towards food and exercise

“Hella cravings for some fries, I did one pushup and I cried”

“And the ice cream truck is the only reason I run anymore.”

Pure gold.

So I say this alongside the reality that I workout 3 times a week. You want to know the reason I feel like an adult though? Because I’m doing it. I will be 100% upfront if my husband and TAH (the awesome housemate) didn’t exercise with me, I wouldn’t. Walking to and from work seems like more than enough.

I’ve always had a love hate relationship with exercise

I remember as a kid to get out of being “it” in an extended game of tag. I pretended to wheeze profusely so I’d have to sit on the sidelines, thankfully they didn’t call me out on my fake wheezing and had mercy on me. I always avoided sports (despite constantly being asked if I played basketball. I know I think I wasted my long limbs and athletic build too).

And now when I’m on the treadmill or elliptical no matter what I’m doing, I’m always counting down until I can get off.

In my yoga class, I enjoy some of the poses mostly though I’m gearing up till I can lie in relaxation and have my mind fade out, until of course I’m rudely told to come back to real life.

I’ve never especially enjoyed exercise except one thing. I love the feeling afterwards. All of it, the way your skin is sweaty and glistening, the warmth of your muscles, the shot of happiness. I love that stuff.

So maybe there’s quite a bit of love

Okay, once a week we go swimming. I love that. I’m a sub par swimmer, but somehow just splashing around and doing my mediocre laps is so refreshing, invigorating, fun.

I also like that I don’t think when I exercise. Being a thoughtful introvert my mind is always going, but when I exercise it’s so hard to think beyond the task at hand. I know some people, my dad specifically who pray while they exercise, more power to them. I don’t. I’m just focused on the clock, my breathing, and nailing the poses, exercise, whatever, honestly it’s a relief.

Mostly I’m just doing it, like brushing my teeth, showering, going to the doctor or any other habits and things you got to do to be healthy.

More than any of that though I love how I feel.


“Sometimes I sit and ponder and I know that I am blessed because I feel my heart beating.”

Work it, Girl!

So while most people, especially women hit their full height by about eighth grade (so I’ve heard), I only just stopped growing at 20. Seriously between sophomore and junior year of college I grew half an inch. Which means every single year I had to get used to something new. Another inch or two, bigger breasts, feet, hips.

I remember feeling constantly awkward because of this, there’s not a time in my life where I wasn’t the tallest or one of the tallest in my peer group. It’s only in the last few years where I can actually own my body.

This is mine (until laziness or pregnancy changes my shape again) to love and care for. As a result I have learned to love it deeply. Except my stomach I fluctuate from thinking it’s adorable to thinking it’s loathsome, and feeling like big foot, it’s okay we all have our things. Most days though I look in the mirror and I love what I see.

I use the elliptical for 20 minutes and am impressed by the strength in my legs. I’m grateful for my ability to hold a pose without face palming my yoga mat. And like today when the bus broke down a mile from my house I decided to just walk it instead of wait for the next bus because I had the energy for it.

It’s those moments that remind me that exercising is what I do to love myself. It’s what I do to make sure I can fully live. It helps me to give my best to my life, my marriage, my work. It means I can say yes when the unexpected happens like having to walk a mile because the bus broke down. Saying yes to a hike to see a beautiful sunset. Being able to spend a day at the beach and body surfing wave upon wave.

So I may not like doing it, but I exercise, because I’m an adult and it’s just part of taking care of ourselves.

What do you do to get moving? Any tips for things to do in the gym to make it more fun? Do you take any classes? What do you love about exercising? Hate?

Admit it you can totally relate to the song above, right?

That’s all for now!



3 thoughts on “#AdultingAdventures: I Workout!

  1. Same!! I was always very active as a child. And I thank all of the gods that I’m naturally slim. But exercising is a PAIN. At one point (in college) I was running 2-3 miles a day on the treadmill for about 6 months. But my workouts have been very sporadic since. Kudos to you for staying consistent!


    • I do every day appreciate my metabolism and build. My body does a lot with a little. But yeah, now that running around outdoors isn’t how I get moving (cause jobs and adulting), it feels so burdensome! But I don’t know if I’ll ever get behind running. Thanks for reading! I already love the name of your blog!

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