#AdultingAdventures: Learning to Drive Older

So this is entry one of my new series that I’m going to try and post every Wednesday so that something on this blog is consistent (though thank you for the love my faithful readers, it’s so encouraging seeing the stats! People are reading my blog, bless you). I’m calling it #AdultingAdventures, and it’s going to chronicle the things I do, have done, or am in the process of doing that really make me feel like an adult. And I hope by sharing my stories, I hope I inspire people to move towards their goals even when it’s hard. Or just laugh at my antics as I bumble through this thing called adulthood.

So I don’t know how to drive…

I have some valid and not so valid reasons. This post  is dedicated to all the 20 somethings out there who haven’t learned to drive for one reason or another. There is no shame, I tell myself that every time it comes up, which isn’t to say I don’t feel shame, but I know I shouldn’t be.

So reason #1 ANXIETY

I’ve been in two traumatic (and I don’t use that word lightly) car accidents in my life. I am of the firm belief that the only things that saved me those days was Jesus and seat belts. To this day I can attest I don’t care if we’re hopping in the car to drive to the other side of a mall, or go 5 minutes down the road, I will buckle my seat belt. I watch my husband drive, I’ve been in tons of cars in my life, yet somehow the fact that millions of people do it everyday hasn’t really helped with my quiet fears. I know the first time I get behind the wheel, I’m going to need someone very patient as my copilot.


reason #2 CITY GIRL

I started riding the T by myself at 14, this after years of riding the T with my parents and friends. Basically at some point all the driving around was getting straining on my parents so I just started making plans I could get around by the T. And I know at times the T can be a pain, but I love it. So much of my writing has been inspired by my T rides not to mention tons of reading time, and while it’s not the same as a car, it’s giving me a ton of freedom I wouldn’t have otherwise. 59000559reason #3 TIMING

I wasn’t especially excited about learning to drive, because of the above 2 reasons and also I think because I’m so used to having someone else in control when I travel. We did talk about me learning to drive and because of my lack of need and enthusiasm decided I shouldn’t learn till I was 18 anyway (insurance), but then I was a busy college student, and then I graduated, and then I was getting married. There’s always a reason..


So now what?

So I am currently reading the manual and taking practice exams and getting more and more confident. I’m going to take the permit test at the end of the month. Driving itself feels overwhelming still, but I’ve decided to not think about the whole thing right now. First step is just to take the permit test. Then I’m going to sign up for lessons from a professional driving instructor, partially because that’s what a good friend recommended and because the only person I could see teaching me is my husband and I want to be happy to get into bed with him at the end of the day. So not happening. Then I suppose I’ll get my license and drive horribly like everyone else?

Any other later in life drivers out there? People who have anxiety about driving? Any tips? Any encouragement?


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