Married Life

So feeling a little uninspired and needing something to write about I thought I’d write about being married. Plus as of 2 days ago we’ve been married for 6 months. Half a year already under our belts.


So first we were un-trendy and traditional and didn’t live together before marriage. We also didn’t have sex. We did kiss, a lot, we’re not quite to the Duggar family level of chastity. No shame on them, by the way. I just don’t know how they managed, not to mention chaperones. Anyway moving on.

So in honor of 6 months here are:

6 truths I’ve found about being married

  1. Our arguing hasn’t stopped– We didn’t find some magical we’re married formula, but if anything it’s less intense and pressing. We’ll disagree quite animatedly about pretty much anything. And as long as no ones slamming doors or raising voices, it just come with the territory. And to have that person I can just lay it all out with and know at the end of the day we’ll be snuggled up in bed together makes it’s all okay. Speaking of bed…
  2. Everything you’ve heard about sharing a bed is true-sharing a bed is weird. It means sometimes you’ll be woken up at your partner snoring and grumble at them to change positions. And you’ll think they heard you until you’re woken up again. Or constantly having wars because one of you is a blanket hog (and one of you is). Also you’ll get really territorial about your side of the bed. But damnit, this is your side of the bed and you might keep tons of junk, but you will cut him if he puts one of his dirty socks there.
  3. Different Priorities-All my closest friends are single, and it’s been really okay. Not a lot has changed with friends because of marriage as far as I know. It’s more just how I approach things. Sometimes I’ll have to say I think so, but let me check with the husband first. Or just having different priorities, like rarely doing things in the morning since that’s the main time S and I have to be with each other since he works nights.
  4. It’s not like a non stop sleepover-I’ve heard that said about marriage, and for me it’s not totally true. But there are some days and nights that are especially wonderful. Where you lie under the covers giggling. Where you watch movies while cuddling. Where you share all your deep dark secrets, hopes and dreams. But an endless sleepover sounds super fun. We’re mad, cranky, and way too exhausted a lot of times more than anything. Yet every day no matter the mood or what happened I’m grateful because it might not be an endless sleepover, but there is no one else I’d rather share a bed and a life with day after day.
  5. There is no way we’d be happily married without God-Seriously, prayer gets me through the tough stuff, and there are clearly already ways God is refining us and helping us to grow and I personally know marriage wouldn’t be worth it without God. He makes the effort of loving someone so intimately worth it. I say it all the time when I talk about how we made it through 4 years of dating and it’s become even more true since marriage. God sustains us.
  6. We’re best friends-S knows the intricacies of my body, my heart, my mind. He knows all my news first-good or bad. We laugh and cry together. We pray together and make time for adventures and silliness. He truly is one of my best friends (well, yeah he’s not my only best friend).

So that’s some things we’ve discovered being married for 6 months now. I imagine 6 months from now I’ll have discovered even more. It’s such a joy, it’s a journey, and there are hard parts, just sharing a space is hard and now you have to love this annoying person unconditionally too, Lord Jesus, help us.

But at the end of the day I’m grateful, cause I could be living a thousand other lives. I’m grateful to have him in my bed every night. I’m grateful for his jokes, the way he handles our finances, how he supports my dreams, even the fact that he never gives himself time to finish projects so everything is on a different timeline than I want. I’m just thankful he is mine because I could just as easily be doing this life solo. To God be the glory for those living that life, but I’m glad for whatever crazy reason I get the chance to do it with S.

Glitter and love,



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