A family member of mine asked me this question: “So what are your aspirations for the future?” And I really had to think about it. This question coming just days after telling my husband I feel like I have no goals. As well I just received wonderful news that I have a new job for the upcoming fall (working as a full time tutor!!) the question throbs at the back of my mind.

The first thing I told them was wanting to make more space for writing, both in terms of time and mentally. I don’t like that I only blog every other week and that I honestly feel sapped of creativity. I think about when I was writing the most, and it was during college. So I know it has little to do with the demands on my time and everything to do with the space I carved out for it and the energy I had. Because as insane as my college schedule was at times the things I did were so engaging and life giving.


Then I talked a bit about career, hopes to mentor teens and being a part of a meaningful life changing community, being valued for my work, having opportunity to learn and use that knowledge to improve myself and others.

Yet as usual what sits with me is how I envision my day to day life. I see my husband and I with some children in tow (not for a few years though, thank you very much), the means to travel and explore the world, a big open home where friends and family come by frequently, being highly involved in a church (mentoring younger Christians (in terms of age and faith), a home full of love, sunshine, and books.

This new job is really exciting and I’m looking forward to what will come of that. In the meanwhile I’m looking for ways to get some goals and work a little towards my future aspirations in the here and now. Even if it’s as simple as inviting friends over for a meal or taking a few minutes each day to write a few words.

What are your future aspirations and how are you moving toward them?

Peace, love, glitter,



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