Who I want to be

You know what I want to see happen in 2016?

I want to be like my grandmother. 

You see I spent the long New Years weekend at my grandmothers. She’s almost 9o now. She’s one of the greatest woman I know. She was the one who taught me to pray, how to care for a garden, and how to properly make a bed. She’s encouraged me in my dreams, in my writing, in cooking, and to do things that I’m afraid of. She had her concerns about my getting married, but when she knew I wasn’t going to change my mind she 100% supported us.

Even though she gets tired more quickly than she used to she goes to church most weeks, goes out to do things, and has a bevy of friends she keeps up with. She always has time to talk with me and give me advice and helps me to pursue things that will help me grow: emotionally and financially.

She reminds me that God, family, and good meals are some of the most important aspects of life and you should value and appreciate them from a young age. That if all you have in the last years of your life are family, good memories, and a sound mind, that’s more than enough to be grateful for.

She tells me that, “You either die young, or you grow old so you might as well do it gracefully,” and she lives it out. She is constantly grateful for her body, her mind, her spirit despite the sometimes frustrating aspects of aging.

Her house is always open to me and there are many people who are welcome to a visit and a meal with her anytime.

To put it simply my grandmother is a woman of grace, character, and strength who has loved God and others simply, but profoundly throughout her whole life.

If I grow up to be just a bit like her I will have lived well, so my hope for 2016 is that I continue to grow in truth, grace, godliness, and compassion that I will be a woman that other woman can look up to.

That’s all, what are your aspirations for 2016?

All my glitter,



2 thoughts on “Who I want to be

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