Advent Wednesday the 3rd

The word that comes to mind for me this week is: intentional. You see Christ came with such intention and he came in a form that was so intentional. He came as a baby so that he would grow up and fully live as we lived. He would cry and eat and grow. He would suffer through puberty and intense emotions. He would develop and learn and build relationships. Of course he navigated all these things without sin, but he struggled, he suffered and he woke up many days just wanting to give it up (because really how can you be human and not want to give up sometimes), but he lived his life with intention.

As I go through this season of Advent I want it to be intentional. I don’t want to go through the motions. I want to fully appreciate this time. It seems everywhere I look I see the importance of that. The other day I was waiting for my bus so I could go home. As usual I was trying not to get impatient, pacing around to keep warm. Right by me was a mom and her small child in a stroller. I couldn’t help but eavesdrop, I was impressed by this mom; yet she was doing something so simple, giving her daughter her full attention and having a conversation. Now my next comment does not come with judgement I have no idea how a particular mom’s day is going: But it’s really rare to see a mom paying full attention to her kid. I see mom’s zoned out on their phones or listening to music only stopping a moment to tell their kids to stop fussing. It was so endearing to see this mom totally absorbed in her kid and the conversation they were having.

I think about how it’s so easy to just let time and people pass you by.

You’ve spent a whole evening with friends and you realize you spent more time texting and scrolling than engaging with the people you were texting with the other day. I think about nights when I intend to actually relax and watch a movie, or spend time in reflection, but end up getting distracted by random texts or mindless scrolling.

My housemate got me this as my Christmas present:


It’s a Christian coloring book for adults and I’ve decided to use it as my devotional. It has a page with a verse for coloring and the opposite page is space to doodle, pray, and reflect. I put away my phone, pulled out some colored pencils and just focused on the verse I was coloring on. It was so filling to just sit in the quiet and enjoy coloring and being with God.

Those moments of being intentional are so important. I don’t want to overlook and let this time pass me by. I’m talking about Advent, but I’m also talking about life. It’s terrifying to think I could live my life half engaging in conversations, drifting through activities, and not fully living life. In this season of advent I want to live as intentionally as Jesus did, fully engaged, smartphone free, making time for the things that are most important. Spending time with God, with loved ones, in creative pursuits, in work, and in rest. Especially that last one.

I hope this advent and beyond I can live life with a bit more intention and care and enjoyment for the life I’m living and the people I’m with.

How are you spending your time this advent? How are you being intentional with your time, money, and resources?

Love and glitter,



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