Advent Wednesday 1

So I know there’s not really anything such as Advent Wednesday, Advent is usually marked by daily readings and weekly Sunday services where you light the different candles.

In my faith background we didn’t really do Advent, I don’t remember lighting candles or making a big fuss over it in our services. Oh we had Christmas services and we read the story of Christ’s birth annually, but it wasn’t until I hit college that I got a taste for advent.

The husband and I have been doing daily Advent readings since Advent started on Sunday, they’re short, thoughtful, and give you an action to do each day. It’s already an adventure sorting out how we want to celebrate/honor Advent time and ultimately Christmas this year. So far this looks like planning to serve together at a local shelter, daily advent readings, participating in community house traditions, going to a work Christmas party, and celebrating Christmas day with my family of origin.

So back to Advent Wednesday, partially so I’ll have some consistency on the blog this month and also because I want to share some of my thoughts over Advent each week I will share some of my thoughts on anticipating Emmanuel “God with us” and how I am being more intentional about living as love in the flesh. So after that LONG introduction here goes:

So this meme has been going around Facebook:


It’s quite tongue in cheek, all good things come from God, but He still uses people to do his work. Yet it speaks to an area that some Christians overlook, that frankly many of us in general overlook.

Christianity is about you and I, but it’s also about all of us. After all after loving God with all our hearts, minds and souls, we are to love our neighbors as ourselves. So while it may be easy to just buy whatever products it matters about how our food gets to us. It matters that the people who pick our food are paid a fair wage. It matters that the clothes on our backs weren’t made by child/sweatshop labor. Because people matter. Because how we treat others is how we treat Christ. The food on my table is not worth the life of someone else. Inexpensive clothing is not worth a child working herself to sickness or losing out on her childhood.

I can’t say I’m perfect in this area. I don’t even control half the food shopping in the house because I’m in community living. It can be very simple things like buying organic and local, buying fair trade products (fun fact both Starbucks and Dunkins buy their coffee beans fair trade) and really thinking about the true cost of that shirt you just bought. It’s a big reason I’m a fan of thrift shopping I get to reuse something and not add to the consumerist market (thus creating more demand for cheap clothing).

I hope this has helped you to reflect on how we can love others even indirectly and as we anticipate the coming of Emmanuel reflect on how we can shine some Jesus and love into the world.

Share the glitter,






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