Thoughts on Thanksgiving and Community

Let’s not even talk about the fact that I haven’t posted for almost 3 weeks. Moving on.

So first big deal news I am hosting Thanksgiving it will be me, my husband, my immediate family and one of our housemates. So a small affair and thankfully everyone is doing some of the cooking so I won’t have to do the bulk of it.

It seems more and more I’m finding avenues of community. Ways to share life and partake in things together. From my living style to game nights. It’s funny how willing people are to pitch in when you open your doors and ask for help.

There is still all the confusion with church and it is still just really weird figuring out being married and also living with people who you can’t fully wrap your mind around. But community and having people in my life I can rely on has been such a powerful force in my life over the past 3 weeks.

Not only was a reminded why the best friend is my best friend, but I was challenged (in really good ways) in my marriage, I hosted a game night that was a smashing success, and I got to spend a week with S’s family and it felt like I was with my family.

I realize this Thanksgiving that I may not have the huge family Thanksgivings I grew up in that gave me such a strong sense of belonging anymore. My church may be struggling to stay alive and I’m not sure I want to keep adding to it’s feeble breath. I no longer have one core friend group where I know I can always find a place in.

What I do have though is a family and in-law-family that love me dearly. I have friends who are scattered near and far who make efforts to invest in me and my life. I have a husband who loves me so well it feels like an honor to be his wife. A community of believers who demand nothing of me so that I can simply rejoice and worship with them.

Community is all around if I’m willing to look, and in this time of Thanksgiving while life isn’t 100% what I want it to be, there is much to be grateful for. God is good. God is at work. And God will heal what is broken and use it to bless myself and those in need of my story. Happy Thanksgiving!



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