So I’m part of this 31 day challenge, I’ll write on a new topic every day . I hope to focus them around the theme of my blog (life after college), and hope that through these unique words/topics I’ll add some more glitter to the world, inspiration to myself and others, and have some fun. You can learn more about it here.

What a wild week, I think this word has been a central part of my week, and I hadn’t even realized it. What do I value? I value meals with people I love. I value respecting and caring for everyone I come across. Respect is huge because I only have a moment to offer people, but I can offer all people a smile, acknowledgement, some kindness. I value my God and spending focused quality time with him. I value being authentic in that I don’t just talk the talk, but I walk the walk. I value spending time with my husband. Due to working earlier in the morning this week, I was asleep before my husband came home and left the house before he got up, not having that time with him for half the week has been very disconnecting.

This week I was part of a phone bank with Freedom Massachusetts, a coalition that is working to update the anti-discrimination law for transgender people so that they will have legal protection in public spaces. Everyone has their opinions about transgender people, but I know a core part of my values and Christianity is to create a more just world, that means all people should be safe in public spaces and know that they will not be refused service simply because of who they are. Respect and dignity is a huge part of justice and this has been an issue running through my mind lately especially in regards to the LGBTQ community. It felt awesome to be a part of something to not just give lip service to my desire to fight discrimination, but to do something. Even more it made me feel powerful knowing that if our efforts succeed it will benefit someone I care about and love dearly.

More than anything I realize that a value is more than something you say you care about, but something that you do in response to your care. Something that I think is especially integral to my life as a Christian.

Share the love and spread the glitter,



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