So I’m part of this 31 day challenge, I’ll write on a new topic every day . I hope to focus them around the theme of my blog (life after college), and hope that through these unique words/topics I’ll add some more glitter to the world, inspiration to myself and others, and have some fun. You can learn more about it here.

Green to me always symbolizes growth, it means you’re in the early stages. You’re still working up. You’re a little green behind the ears…or however that expression goes. You’re the leaves way before they’re falling off the tree. And more than anything you give hope. I think babies are about as green as you get they remind us that life goes on, that maybe we couldn’t do all the things we hoped we would do, but maybe this little precious bundle will. Green is a rich earthy color, and it’s full of all the possibilities and even though we’re no longer babies, being in your twenties can be a very green stage of life. We thought it was all together when we stepped on that college campus, but things quickly change, but life has many stages of green and spring. I try to appreciate every rich season. It’s not easy.


One thought on “Green

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