So I’m part of this 31 day challenge, I’ll write on a new topic every day . I hope to focus them around the theme of my blog (life after college), and hope that through these unique words/topics I’ll add some more glitter to the world, inspiration to myself and others, and have some fun. You can learn more about it here.

So fun fact, I’m actually really good at resting. Like this is me, when I’m resting:

That might sound weird, but I don’t know a lot of people who are. I know a lot of people who “rest” and by that, they allow themselves to sit down for a moment while they stress about the fact that they’re not doing what they could be/should be doing. I know people who have to force themselves to stop or they will run themselves into the ground. I know people who don’t understand what vacation is without the adjective “working”. Not that I never feel that anxiety, but after being a chicken-with-their-head-cut-off-college-student, I really learned to appreciate and value rest.

The thing is I think I’m a hard worker, I will put my absolute best into my work or into a project. I give my all, I can work long hours (you will not survive working at camps if you can’t), but when it’s my rest time I use it. I will have no guilt about putting my phone aside and saying this is my time. I have no problems with taking a relaxing shower despite a long to do list. I made sure not every weekend was devoted to wedding planning when S and I were engaged. I don’t see the lure of long days of work with limited sleep, even with the possibility of “getting ahead”. I see great value in ignoring responsibilities to share meals with loved ones. Rest is so important. Even more than that it’s the idea behind it, that I don’t always have to keep going. The world will go on whether I’m working or not, might as well make sure that when I am working that it is to the best of my ability hence when I rest, I rest well.

So don’t be surprised to see me working hard and then afterwards guilt free sitting on the couch cuddling up with my husband while we watch a movie.

It’s all about balance. Work well, rest well, live well, and do all things with a dash of glitter!


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