So I’m part of this 31 day challenge, I’ll write on a new topic every day . I hope to focus them around the theme of my blog (life after college), and hope that through these unique words/topics I’ll add some more glitter to the world, inspiration to myself and others, and have some fun. You can learn more about it here.

“Anything is possible.”

Feels like a big happy lie. I don’t feel like much is possible. I like to think I’m an optimistic person, but sometimes I let life and my own internal stories drag me down.

I did feel like anything was possible when I graduated from college. I mean that’s what college offers you, limitless possibilities. Just get the degree and the world will be your oyster. Never mind that your generation is one of the largest and most formally educated generations ever and we’re sending all of them out at the same time promising them the same things. Never mind that failure is inevitable and while you might have a lot of possibilities you don’t have as many realities.

Right now in a job that is meaningful but at times so overwhelmingly tedious topped with a long commute, it doesn’t feel possible that things will ever change. That it’s my calling to be in this place struggling so I can grow (into what, I don’t rightly know).

It doesn’t feel like there are a lot of possibilities, just a lot of NO, a lot of angst, and a lot of the same old thing.

Which has the unfortunate side affect of dimming my glitter, lacking shine. I can’t see the energy and possibilities of being married to my husband. The possibilities of the friendships I have that are really good (because focusing on the frustrating relationships is the best use of my energy). The possibilities that come with using my talents and writing for myself and others.

I have to remind myself that there are some amazing aspects of my life 5 years ago I didn’t have a strong vision for, yet they are now my reality. Possibilities I didn’t even know were on the horizon, and some I knew if I continued on the right path would yield something incredible.

There are limitless possibilities I pray that just a few can become a grand reality.

All the glitter,



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