So I’m part of this 31 day challenge, I’ll write on a new topic every day . I hope to focus them around the theme of my blog (life after college), and hope that through these unique words/topics I’ll add some more glitter to the world, inspiration to myself and others, and have some fun. You can learn more about it here.

I don’t have a calling, and I used to be obsessed with finding my calling. Okay, I might still be a bit concerned about that. And who wouldn’t? From the second you step beyond high school, people ask (often out of a really good place), so what are you going to do next? What’/s your next step? What are you going to study? Where do you want to work? What’s your calling And I think that feeling is double time as a Christian, everything is weighted down with the idea that whatever you do is serving God, so you know, it better be good, but what if what if maybe you’re calling wasn’t so complicated?

From books I’ve been reading and things I’ve been sensing from the Holy Spirit, I’m thinking maybe what I mean when I say I don’t have a calling is that my calling is right here.

My calling is to be a kick-ass wife because through my own desires and I know the confirmation of the Holy Spirit I chose to get married, so I better be the best wife I can be.

My calling is to be a good and loving friend, housemate, daughter.

My calling is to love and pray for Miss J, even when I want to shake her.

My calling is to get on the bus and train every day to serve her and give her family a much needed break.

My calling is to see my fellow commuters with the eyes of Christ.

My calling is to participate in the Church, through my church.

My calling is to read good books and engage the world with my passion for writing.

My calling is to just be me in the fullness of Christ.

My calling is to wake up every day and be thankful.

My calling is to wake up every day and choose love.

My calling is to feel the joy and urgency of the here and now, today there are people to feed, to listen to, to clothe, to love, to hug, to cry with, to nurture, and to neglect that is to neglect what I was born to do, which is to wake up each and every day and fully live life.

Thing is I don’t do it perfectly every day. Some days I waste time with stressing and worrying, sometimes I think I don’t have time, energy, or care for my fellow humans, even my own husband. But God, wise and loving One that They are, calls me to better each and every morning. Each day I am reminded of his grace and by His Grace I do better and love better because I have only one life and to live it abundantly, that is my calling.


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