Yesterday morning my mom called me, you see her favorite musical ever is Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella and well it was going to be performed at the Boston Opera House. She had been talking and thinking about it for days. And then decided to splurge on the tickets and bring me and my sister.

It was glorious to put it simply. Theater always gives me a taste of magic, a taste of heaven. I’m still reeling from Cinderella transforming from her peasant clothes into her gowns, without leaving the stage. Seriously props and costume people are magicians, but let me get back to my point.

You see, except for when I was really little and saw this version on TV starring Brandy, I have never seen Rodgers and Hammerstein’s version and to put it simply Disney just doesn’t do the story justice.

Cinderella gained confidence, was empowered, and helped others to share their voice as well. Loveliest of all, loving and being loved by the Prince didn’t make her less of a woman it made her more. And she made him a greater prince. They made each other better simply by loving one another. Most of the time we make love so dis-empowering for both sexes. He has to degrade himself with sloppy emotion and take on the burden of a woman. She has to submit and serve and forgo some of her passion. Cinderella, though, she says screw that, she says let’s make our dreams come true, let’s make the world a better place, let’s create some beautiful love, and I will do this all dressed in the glitziest dress you can dream of. My kind of woman.

I was struck by the power of love even in simpler moments. The woman who was her fairy godmother, was “Crazy” Marie, a poor beggar woman. Cinderella never looked down on her. Cinderella looked out for her and cared for her. Cinderella always looked out and cared those who were near her, and as her circle of influence grew she used her opportunity to serve others, as she loved her prince, it was also her chance to love the kingdom.

If you’re still rolling with me, you can imagine I saw many great parallels for both the power of true love and the beauty of following and loving God with all our hearts, minds, and souls.

As we fall more deeply in love with HIM, rather than crippling us or hemming us in, we are emboldened and empowered for even more dreams, even more possibilities, even more love. Do you ever notice that when you are loved well, you love better? True love of all kinds, especially the love of God opens our hearts to loving and living even better. So while I never before cared much for Cinderella, at least in this version, she’s my hero.

In the words of the prince

 I have found her! She’s an angel
with the dust of the stars in her eyes.
We are dancing, we are flying
and she’s taking me back to the skies.
In the arms of my love I’m flying
over mountain and meadow and glen
And I like it so well that for all I can tell
I may never come down again! I may never come down to earth again.

Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella “Ten Minutes Ago”

That’s what happens with love, not just the romantic kind, but true love, of our parents, our friends, our lovers, our God. True love makes us soar and makes the impossible, possible.

So I hope my fellow struggle bus humans, you will find encouragement in this piece. Life is short love boldly, love truly, and dream the impossible dream:

Impossible, for a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden carriage.
Impossible, for a plain country bumpkin and a prince to join in
And four white mice will never be four white hosrses!
Such fol-der-ol and fid-dle-dy dee of course, is— Impossible!
But the world is full of zanies and fools
Who don’t believe in sensible rules
And won’t believe what sensible people say.
And because these daft and dewey-eyed dopes keep building up impossible
Impossible things are happening every day.

Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella “Impossible”


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