Searching for Inspiration

My blog is supposed to be about life after college. You know forging a career (or just getting a job), life milestones, and the lessons you learn along the way.

Well, dear readers, I have been quite neglectful of this blog and not for lack of things to say. I’m just not sure what to DO with this blog. I get frustrated about things going on in the world. My family had some stuff going on. I am having growing pangs in my marriage. I had revival performances of the Bible Women’s play I’ve been part of. Life is full. There is plenty to write about, but I am less and less sure how to share it. As the intimacy and potency of S and mine’s relationship has enhanced I am less inclined to share about it(and frankly I never intend our relationship (now marriage) to ever be the focus of a blog).

I guess as I continue to piece together what life after college looks like I’m figuring out what I want to share and what I’m less inclined to put down. Bare with me readers as I search for the next hook. I’m still tapping away at my dream to become an established writer, so no doubt once I refocus on that there will be plenty of work/career angst to write about. And of course you know me, I’ll always be writing about love and Jesus. I have some thoughts brewing on current events, but not sure how they fit into the scheme of this blog. And of course I’m marking my glitter trail.

Anyway readers, I hope you’ll continue to wander down the rabbit hole with me, I’ll be sharing some new thoughts in the next week, hold me to it.

Glitter on,



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