Change is Constant

Here’s another thing you learn in life whether you’re a twenty something post graduate or going through another stage–life constantly changes. Constantly.

One day you’re on top of the world, next day you’re staring all over, again. It’s been an interesting couple of days for me. I’ve had some thought provoking conversations about LGBTQ people and how the church is/should be relating to them. We received some incredible wedding gifts including our honeymoon being paid for, which is just crazy amazing, because we are actually going on a honeymoon, which is a thing I wasn’t sure of.

I’ve felt really healthy with my social life. I’ve had to say goodbye to two very dear friends who I don’t know when I will see them again. I actually am getting really excited for the wedding. The wedding, not just getting married, though that is still the pinnacle of my joy.

S and I had a really good pre-marital counseling session and really had some valuable conversation about our relationship as it is and how our marriage will look. Looks like we really are on the same team.

But I’ve also heard about some tough things people I love are struggling with. Like really tough, like I’m not sure how it would be if I were in their shoes. I pray though, and I listen, and I love. And it’s all I can do, and somehow it seems to be enough. Oh and I’m hardcore job searching again (though still working), so to put it lightly, it’s kind of a drag.

And I know that things will continue to change. I’m changing so much. Better overall, but some days aren’t perfect. Some days I’m just glad I’m alive and having some form of energy.Other days I’m so vibrantly alive it’s intoxicating.

So I guess the point is that life changes, in all it’s vibrant glittery beauty, and either you roll with it, enjoy it, thrive in it, learn from it, or you do the opposite. I’m going to make the most of it, because life is changing by the day for good and bad, and I’m changing right along with it (hopefully for the better).

What are the changes going on in your life?

How do you deal with change, the good and the bad?

Glitter on!!



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