Getting out of your routine and into the world

That’s right I’m talking about travel. Your average twenty something inevitably will have a list of places they intend to visit in their lifetime. The west coast, the east coast, Texas, Canada, Hawaii, the UK, Australia, Egypt, Greece, the whole great big world. Everyone has different places they want to see, some are within a drive, some may require riding planes for close to a day.

Very soon my fiance and I are going to go on a trip to visit family and check in on the church we’re getting married in (we want to know if it’s still thinks we’re a good match (yes, that was a joke)). We will be driving. I am wildly excited.

I highly encourage travel, there is something about getting away from your life and going on an adventure that just energizes me. I loved being in my school’s Gospel Choir, not only for the worship, community, and singing, but also because every semester we would take a long weekend and travel to a section of the Eastern states and sing at a couple of churches. It was always so refreshing to break out of my routine and do something different all weekend. Inevitably when I came back everything felt fresh and new.

For me travel doesn’t have to be far to be worthwhile, growing up and even now the majority is spent to visit family. I don’t have to go to new places, I just need to get out of my routine for a few days, though I fully intend to do some more exotic traveling over the span of my life.

I totally understand and respect that traveling is not cheap though there are certainly many tips out there to travel on a budget, but value it. Make it happen, have a life that allows you to take time off, go explore that beach that’s two hours from your home, save up the money so you can go to the country of your dreams.

As college grads and life starters we’re often highly focused and creating a life we love, but don’t forget there are a million ways to live and it’s always good to shake out of your routine and do what other people do, life is too short to not explore a little.

Where do you want to go?

What’s on your travel dream list?

Do you have any favorite day trips?

How long does it take before you’re itching to go again?

Happy travels, don’t forget the glitter!



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