Post College Life: Feelings

So the purpose of my blog is to reflect and share my own ideas/insights/confusions about life after college. Well, sometimes I think to be a college graduate in America is to be in a constant state of confusion.

Somedays I’m just so at peace with myself, I’m on top of the world, I feel balanced, joyful, I’m wholly present. I feel like I was born for this moment.

Other days I just have to pray through it. It’s enough that I wake up and do something, even if it feels like I have to use every ounce of energy just to barely function.

And sometimes like today, that all happens in one day.

This post isn’t really to share a great insight. I know that part of why I feel so close and distanced from myself is because some parts of my life are really good and the parts I want to be better stand in sharp contrast. I also really need to write more and find a social creative outlet. I’ve always had book groups or writing groups, classes, and most recently the women of the Bible play. So I’m already yearning for something like that in my life, I need a social creative outlet, it feeds my soul in a lot of ways.

Mostly I wanted to say that sometimes life is just down even when it’s good. That you should listen to your heart, when it says this is the good life, but it’s not the best life. And sometimes what you really need is a hug, chocolate, and a good night’s sleep. And understanding that it doesn’t make you a spoiled ungrateful American when it’s rough getting out of bed. Those days happen even when it’s sunny, even when you’ve graduated college.

Glitter on,



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