Hear their story, invest in their story

So last I posted I was upset because I was so overwhelmed and intimidated with the plays success and well it was moving my party around, my life around. And yeah it’s a small thing, but I’m trying not to deny my emotions or what matters to me. If there is one thing this show has taught me, it’s that my story matters. It matters a lot.

I’ve been really thinking about that: sharing your story.

I am a person who longs to love deeply.

I’m really bad at having acquaintances, if I know you you’re a friend. I may have different degrees of closeness, but if I know you, then you know something of my heart. Shallow is just not for me.

The hard thing with that is that while I don’t invest in a lot of people I invest deeply into those people. I want to hear their stories, spend my time with them, and love them. And when they’re in pain, I’m in pain. When they’re happy, I’m happy.

Being part of this play in which we’ve shared our stories to create healing and stories for others has really made them my family. And like any real family, I don’t always agree with them, they get on their nerves, I don’t always like them, but I love them unconditionally. And sometimes you just want to say the thing that will make everything perfect, but sometimes listening and a hug is the greatest thing  you can do.

So I guess what I want to say is we’re all going through this great adventure call life, whether you’re an extrovert with friends out your butt, or an introvert who can count her nearest and dearest on one hand, invest in your friends, love them, listen to their stories, watch out for them, laugh with them, cry with them. No matter if they’re friends only for a time or for the rest of your life, invest, true friendship no matter how long it lasts will never leave you with regrets.


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