That’s basically what I feel right now.

The pressure to do my absolute best in this play I’m preforming in.

Pressure to get all the wedding stuff sorted out.

Pressure to make more money so I can keep up with all the bills.

Pressure to be a good friend.

Pressure to give more to my church.

And while many of those pressures are purely internal, the pressure is still real, and heavy.

Last night I got to sit on my bed with my best friend and share bread bowls and release some of the pressure, because I can be real with her. I know that she won’t resent me. She won’t chide me for complaining. She won’t tell me you’re engaged, how could you possibly be miserable. She runs lines with me and encourages me and she makes me think I might not be as crappy a friend as I think I am. And in turn it’s easy to do the same for her. To let her just be herself, no pressure.

And while the pressure doesn’t seem to lighten I’m thankful for those in my life who help ease the pressure, to help me with those who add to it. Because we have people of both types in our life, though hopefully the pressure isn’t coming from those you are closest to.

So in the midst of this life, when it seems like all the pressures of the world are heavy on your shoulders I hope you have God and some of His people who simply say be yourself, no pressure.


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