Snow Days, Then and Now

So it’s snowing, in case you’re living in Massachusetts and haven’t noticed. In fact it’s a blizzard, a crazy big blizzard, I can walk out there and easily be in snow up to my hips (which is a little over 3 feet for the curious).

This is what it looks like outside our door, well around 11 AM:


Photo credit to my roommate. Well, one of them.

So what do snow days have to do with life after college?

Well, I was just thinking about how I think now as opposed to as a kid.

Kid Juanita: Oh my gosh, it’s going to snow, that means I’ll get to play in it, and be at home and drink loads of hot chocolate.

Adult Juanita: Oh, it’s going to snow, what do I need so I’ll be comfortable for a day or two, oh and how’s that going to affect my budget, cause that means I can’t work. And then I’ll be stuck at home, I don’t want to be stuck at home.

Kid Juanita: IT’S SNOWING! Isn’t it magical I’ll go outside, and I’ll play and play and play, until I get to cold and then hot chocolate!!

Adult Juanita: I have to shovel now, so once the snow actually stops it won’t be as much to shovel. I mean it’s kind of beautiful, but when am I going to be able and get out and do things again.

Kid Juanita: Snow is the best, Thanks, God!

Adult Juanita: Okay I guess I should be grateful I have a roof and a warm home, and maybe I can make the best of it, have fun with my roommates, relax a bit.

Kid Juanita: Joyous laughter 

Adult Juanita: grumpy sigh 

It’s funny how perspective can change. I am doing my best to have gratitude and just enjoy the snow day, and my roommates, and the internet, but it kind of makes me wish I was a kid, or that there was a kid around to remind me how life’s supposed frustrations can actually be some of life’s greatest blessings.

It’s all in how you look at it.

Glitter on


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