Facebook Family Christmas

From the first time you come home for a college break (though to a certain extent the very day you turn 18) to the day you move out of your parent’s house, it’s a constant negotiation of: how much of an adult are you going to let me be?

Do I have to tell you every time I leave the house and when I come back? Do I have to tell you who I’m spending time with? How much does my significant other get to spend time with us? Especially between that college and moving out point how do you expect me to contribute? All these questions and more have to be dealt with, as you develop as a person and still live with your family or at the very least anticipate spending time with your family. Especially around the holidays. For my family, at least, holidays and special times don’t make us better than we are, they put into focus who we are.

We are all practicing Christians, but we still argue, we still think we know better, being impatient is a whole lot easier than handing out grace, and miscommunication still occurs and can blow up into frustrating outcomes.

But thank God, we all love each other unconditionally otherwise, I don’t know how we could ever spend any time together.

This time of year people are posting cozy pictures of their families in ugly sweaters, beautiful Christmas tress and sharing cute stati about baking with their siblings, just remember it’s social media.

No one is going to post on Facebook how it took way more time, bickering, and bribing than is reasonable, for everyone to sit down for two seconds to take that adorbs ugly sweater photo.

The baking post doesn’t include how you momentarily lost your cool when you realized you’re older brother used the last of the eggs you needed for your cookies and didn’t mention it until you started baking and you had to rush to the store and get eggs and they almost didn’t have any eggs cause everyone and their mother decided to bake that day.

And that tree don’t even get me started on the tree.

Remember when you see all the shiny photos, bask in them, enjoy them, and remember those people are human too, maybe they have fabulous times around the holidays-or maybe like everyone they have their disagreements and arguments, and imperfect moments, whoever we have for our family choose to love them flaws and all and understand that as much as you may want them to be instagram worthy, they are only human. My prayer is that they would love you in that same way, whoever you’re blessed to call family.


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