It’s the Little Things-A sort of Christmas Post

The title is a phrase that frequently comes out of my mouth.

When life is overwhelming and confusing, it’s the little things that keep me going. And when I feel like the problems are too big it becomes my mantra for making things better. It’s the little things. Giving love consistently every day in big and small ways will change the world more readily than a one day event. I know it.

It reminds me when I feel overwhelmed by the holidays. It reminds me that getting a gift for my friends at all is whats great not what the gift is. That saying no to things that drain me to do a few things that I will really enjoy is what’s best. That taking a moment to send a Christmas card (or 6 matters). That carving out a weekend for just my family is priceless.

When it seems like you’re getting sucked up in the stress and consumerism of Christmas remember it’s the little things. Picking out just the gift that will make your friend glow with joy. Calling up an old friend to wish them Merry Christmas. Taking a moment to remember Jesus and his incredible love that he would come down to us as our most vulnerable in society, a baby.

It’s the little things.

It’s a mantra for life too. Life is full of big moments, moments that change us forever, but it’s a thousand little steps that get you there.

Graduating college is a huge moment, but it’s the days of homework, discipline, yeses and nos and crazy adventures that come together and make graduation what it is.

Remember that in the frustrations of post graduate life, whether your, unemployed, working, in grad school, in the military, totally sure, or totally confused take each day in one by one. It’s the little things that lead up to moments that utterly change your life. Smart decisions day after day, seeking his will day after day, using each day to the best of your ability. It’s the little things that create the life you desire.

Mother Teresa had it right, you can change the world. It’s the little things. Remember that this Christmas and into the new year. When you love, no matter what you do, it is an incredible act of God. Shine the glitter, friends, Merry Christmas


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