So it’s official, my worldly goods are all moved in and I have a nice space of my own.

My roommates welcomed me in by taking me out for celebratory pizza and after sleeping in I have been spending all of this glorious Sunday putting my room together in a way that makes me happy and makes sense to my life.

Here’s a peek at the place:

Picture 004

Well, my bed, decked out in purple of course. The camera on my laptop isn’t stellar, but it will do.

But really it’s just awesome, I have my own space!! It feels weird, and I have the strong sensation I am living with strangers (well because this far, they are), and it feels surreal and part of me is just wondering if I can handle it, but I’m excited.

And so blessed. Prayer works people. Following God leads to better things than you could think up. This is not exactly what I envisioned when  I prayed about moving out, but it’s so much sooner than I would have thought possible and in a better environment than I would have expected. What are the odds I would find a good location just outside of the heart of Boston with T accessibility living with 3 godly woman. Low. I would never have found this place on my own, He gets all the glory.

And now I get the best of both worlds, close enough and far enough to be near my work, friends, and family, and also having that blessed space of my own I’ve been longing for. Let’s see what new things I’ll have to learn, adventures I’ll have to undertake as I continue this thing we call life after college, always with a dash of glitter.


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