Inspired by Honestly, Libby and because what’s more relatable about growing up and where you are in life then what’s currently going on so

Currently watching:

Once Upon a Time and New Girl, both on Netflix. Once Upon a Time is going more slowly because my fiance and I have to watch it together, and I don’t netflix cheat. New Girl though I try and grab an episode or 4 every day. I am nothing like Jess, but I relate to her so much.

Currently reading:

Anything about Ebola. Kind of not kidding actually. Also this really good novel: Goodnight June by Sarah Jio. June is Ruby’s great niece and her life is making her unhappy. She finds out Ruby died and left her children’s bookstore to her. She figures out life and it turns out Ruby had a deep friendship with Margaret Wise Brown of Good Night Moon fame. Really enjoying it and curious to see how it ends. Also really makes me want to read Good Night Moon.

Currently Listening:

Nothing much honestly, I hardly turn on my Pandora lately for whatever reason. I would love to get some more music in my life. I love Britt Nicole, Justin Timberlake, most Beyonce, girl bands, pop, hip hop, and heartfelt guitars. What should I listen to next?

Currently making:

This blog into something beautiful I hope. I’m also working on short stories, sort of. And always a life that is full of love and people and good food.

Currently feeling:

Stuck and restless, I’m hoping this trip with my bestie will knock me out of my rut and give me some much needed energy and inspiration and gratitude. I always seem focused on the next instead of enjoying the now!

Currently planning:

To visit my brother, to write more, and our wedding (aka actually doing things like choosing a date and having uncomfortable conversations with my family, it’s really great)

Currently loving:

Blogging, it’s giving me such a joy in ways I never expected especially because I rarely get the feedback I desire, but just knowing my words are out there and resonating with another soul or two is more than enough for me. I love it, I’m glad I finally tried it out.

What’s your currently? What’s going on in your neck of the great glittery world?

Always glittering,




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