4 Reasons Your Life is WAY Better than a Romance, Seriously

So many of us in our early twenties are starting to think about the big things in life, our career, our calling, what God put us on this big grand earth to do, and true love.

And sometimes we fantasize that romance or something like it will make everything better, but have you ever looked at a romance novel/movie and all the yucky things they have to go through to get there?

Instead of dreaming of living out a romance, maybe you should be grateful you’re just a normal girl and not a romantic heroine

Because if you are,

1. You’re a bit of a mess

Like Shopaholic‘s Becky Bloomwood, something in your life is just a mess. Whether it’s your finances, your distrust for men, or your inability to get through the wedding ceremony, you just have some issue that makes it impossible to attain true love. Until everything falls together and you meet your man, but until then:

2. You date a string of losers

Take it from Jess from New Girl (no spoilers I just started the second season) she’s on the road to true love, and it’s good she’s not afraid to kiss a lot of frogs, because she’s kissed a lot of them. Thank goodness that doesn’t have to be the case. You can learn from relationships, but you really don’t have to go through heartbreak after heartbreak to get the good stuff.

3. You date the wrong, but good guy for a really long time

Again New Girl always knows where it’s at when it comes to relationships. So many times in romances the girl is with a guy who is so wrong for her, or just not quite enough so she spends eons on a guy who’s not the best for her, until she eventually meets Mr. Right where it all works out, but not before…

4. You almost lose him

Isn’t it ridiculous, you go through all that effort, dating the losers, hideous debt, and you finally think you’ve found who you’re meant to be with and it falls apart. Of course this is a romance, there will be a happy ending invariably, but let’s hope in the process of losing him, you don’t end up like Romeo and Juliet.

So you might be dreaming of romance, go for it. Love is a wonderful thing, but be grateful you are not actually living a romance, they’re really not that fun.

Glitter on!


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