Coincidence? I think not!

So as you all know I have been furiously job searching. Well, today I got news that I have been hired! My new position is as a elder companion for a woman with dementia. It’s in the same area as my college town and the family is paying me well and the woman as well as her family are all very kind. So it’s wonderful news all around and I’m glad I will be able to provide for myself more with my two jobs.

What makes this job so amazing though is that God is so obviously the one orchestrating it.

You see, I was looking through the campus job listings, as I normally do, looking at everything and there was a need for a companion for an elderly woman. Honestly, I’m not sure why I was interested. I’ve never worked with older people. I’m not really interested in pursuing that kind of work, but I felt compelled to call up the woman who had posted the listing.

So I did.

It was great, we had a lovely conversation and it just seemed like it could be a really great fit, I had the patience, time, and flexibility the job required and a great respect and compassion for those who are older, at least I think so. We sent some emails and then she asked me if I knew two people she had known years ago who had lived in the same town I currently live.

Boy, did I know them. They were my parents!

Turns out she and my mom had been roommates at one time and it has been quite a while since they’ve talked.

So I met the mother and the brother (who takes care of the mother most of the time) and it was perfect, we basically had a long tea and talked about what I would do, but mostly we got to know each other and found even more connections. Their daughter went to the camp I worked at these past 2 summers. They were good friends with my favorite professors. It was just wild.

I am so excited the sister has decided to hire me, I am still in awe how this has all fallen into place. God is providing. Not in the way I foresaw, I’m still wondering how writing and journalism are going to fit into the picture. But when you see God working, you have to go. So I’m going, into a new job and new responsibilities and I’m excited for whatever is next. And well, if it means I don’t have to job search for at least the next six weeks, that alone is enough reason to be grateful.


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