Today I was asked if I was a tourist, and I took it as a compliment.

Though I suppose it should be somewhat suspect, after John asked me this he told me that all the most beautiful woman are Spanish and than asked if he could walk with me, I said I’d rather not. Still the point is he thought I was a tourist because I was looking around.

I was taking in this gorgeous place:

Instead of being absorbed in my phone, or hurrying from one place to the next I was delighting in my city. I love Boston and all that encompasses Greater Boston (including my little neck of home).

I was in Boston for an interview and was excited at the prospect that I might finally get a chance to work in the midst of the city I love.

And it was just a nice reminder that that is how I want to live my life. Because tourists look, they absorb, heck they stare. They take it all in because they are fascinated because everything is new and interesting.

Life only becomes routine when we make it routine. In the city I love and adore I was asked if I was a tourist, and it made my day. The post graduate glitter is settling life is getting a bit more settled every day, I have my routines. That doesn’t mean life is going stale.

I can still be a tourist. I can still explore and be fascinated. I can still open myself up to new explorations and new possibilities. Even in the city I’ve been living near since I was born. Even with the relationships, titles, and communities that I’ve grown comfortable in. They can still glitter and I can still be mesmerized by the shine.

Glitter on,



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